Foresight Intelligence®: First of Its Kind – Fully Managed SaaS Platform

August 05 03:36 2021
Foresight Intelligence changes the telematics vertical with completely managed service option.

Scottsdale, Arizona – August 4, 2021 – Foresight Intelligence®, Inc., a privately held technology conglomerate based in Arizona has launched a new era of technology, the fully managed SaaS platform. To date, SaaS (Software as a Service), are predominantly subscription based and templated versions of scaled software. The intrigue with SaaS is that it requires no management services and is very hands off. The technology world relies on this for all aspects including POS (point of Sale), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and many other necessary functional aspects of day-to-day activities.

With particular verticals, such as construction, the introduction of fleet management software, or telematics, has put strain on many global construction outfits as there is now a need for a more tech savvy operator. This also requires more man hours and time for all foreman and fleet managers – time that they do not have. This has been the paradox for this industry; “how to provide software and technology without making the job harder”.

Until now…

Foresight Intelligence® has launched a new era of SaaS where they focus more on Service as a Software. This fully managed offering presents a game changing possibility for construction and fleet companies worldwide as the team belief from Foresight is: “If a human is involved with the process, then a human should be helping manage it as well…”

Foresight Intelligence® has been active in the space since 2009 as the only data company with an agile based cloud platform offered in the space. While retaining a large client base of both mid-sized and enterprise clientele, they have been first to market with a fully integrated solution that syncs to any open API and business system. Foresight’s solution: Fleet Intelligence™, was part of the NEXT Coalition’s COVID technology solutions with their offering; Crewstrong™

Their newest launch comes this week with another first in the space with their new fully managed solution: NO Touch Telematics.

NO Touch Telematics is being called the “new era” of managed technology. Foresight CEO and founder, Dale Hanna, says “…telematics has never been the challenge, the biggest hurdle is the management of technology platforms by organizations that already have full plates. The goal should be to help them get to the result, not teaching a new system to already busy people…”

The new platform is already live and boasts fully managed features such as preventative maintenance, customized reporting, alert systems as well as many others. The main difference with this offering that stands out, is all of these features are completely handled by the Foresight Intelligence® telematics team. NO Touch Telematics is exactly that – it requires no hands-on management, learning or onboarding from the customer. The customer isn’t even required to log into the platform if they so choose to avoid it. They will still receive all the needed results such as reports, tracking and updates throughout their workday and weekly, monthly and quarterly cadence. NO Touch is an entire team of professionals managing each asset – all for the price of a coffee.

“We’re giving back countless hours, removing headaches & hassles and most important – giving back time to the customer with this service level.” Says Hanna “This keeps everyone working on what they are good at, let the technology people handle your technology, and the customer can get back to doing what they do best.”

NO Touch Telematics is the first of its kind and a very accelerated offering. This will be the competitive edge needed for telematics customers as they proceed into 2021 and beyond. “The option for the future isn’t to learn continued new technology and try to manage it all, it needs to be automated and run with as little touch as possible.” According to Dale Hanna – ‘No Touch’ to be exact.

NO Touch Telematics is available now for full implementation as well as 30-day trial.

Contact Foresight Intelligence®: [email protected] – 1.877.57.FLEET

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