DRIPS – The Social Fashion Shopping App. Order Entire Outfits in One Click.

August 05 02:53 2021
The New Drips App is set to Launch its Kickstarter Campaign on August 31st… so what’s all the HYPE about? The App allows users to order entire outfits, comprised of different brands, and do it all in one click.

For the average Joe who can’t put a simple outfit together, this app is a dream. But the bigger draw to the Drips app will be for the entrepreneurial influencer. Every time a user orders from an influencers post, that influencer receives an affiliate commission for each article of clothing in their post.  

An App Created for Creators

“The idea was to create a new type of Shopping platform, one that perfectly balances the social proof of social media and the seamless order experience of a one click checkout” said Aaron Ceroy, the Founder of Drips. Aaron later went on to explain “I wanted to create a platform that could turn regular, fashionable people into millionaires. With Brands being incentivized with free marketing and users enjoying discounted items, everybody wins!” 

How is Drips Different?

Drips is similar to mainstream social media apps like Instagram and TikTok, however there are a few fundamental differences. 

– Every post must tag at least 2 articles of clothing
– Users can buy outfits made of different brands, all in one click
– Users can post images, videos, and slideshows
– Brands get access to data like what clothing items sell best with other brands
– The entire App will be AD FREE 

The full range of features can be found at www.dripsapp.co 

Brands Unlock Buyer Data Like Never Before 

Any well established brand knows this one crucial fact… whoever has the most Data Wins. When shoppers go to the mall, brands only can track data when someone actually buys, but when shoppers go to competitor stores, obviously rival brands can’t track that.

In the Drips app however, brands that sell on the platform get access to a Seller Data Dashboard. This shows them aggregate data on which of their items gets the most likes, views, shares and almighty orders. It also shows them which articles of clothing sell best with other competitor brands.  

Having priceless data like this, all at the fingertips of startup and veteran brands alike, is definitely a first in the fashion industry. 

Kickstarter Video: https://youtu.be/wdEYqnXy2-o 


In short, the DRIPS App is trying to do what’s never been done before. But if they’re able to raise enough funding to finish development of the App, then they might be on their way to a new revolution of fashion shopping. 

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