SFH Publishes Whitepaper on Cloud Computing for Small to Midsize Businesses

August 04 14:33 2021

ATLANTA, GA – Software for Hardware LLC, the industry leader in software for door, frame and hardware distributors, will be releasing a new whitepaper entitled, “Cloud Computing: A Lift For Your Business?”. This whitepaper focuses on how DFH distributors can benefit and enhance productivity by migrating their software and data to the cloud. Shawn Freeman, the Founder of TWT IT Group, said “The advantages of cloud computing outweigh any potential downsides”. 

This whitepaper evaluates the cloud question from the practical perspective of a small to midsize door, frame, and hardware distributor. Given reasonable caveats, Software for Hardware believes that cloud migration makes sense from a staff, cost, and client perspective. Shifting the IT environment from a local in-office server to a cloud-hosted environment provides door distributors dramatic benefits in terms of staff access, system reliability, data security, and operating cost.

Cloud Computing: A Lift For Your Business?, focuses on how the cloud can increase growth and productivity, discusses potential downsides, and even provides the steps needed to take action on migration of your software and data. In addition, the whitepaper dives into the important topic of security and how the cloud can help protect mission critical software and data. 

David Balban, eWeek Magazine, stated,  “A new ransomware attack is detected every 11 seconds.” Ransomware remains the most common and destructive cyber-attack today, according to cyber research firm BlackFog. In 2020, 57% of all ransomware attacks worldwide targeted small businesses. IT Manager at SFH, Michael Schecter stated, “Small businesses often believe cybercriminals only attack big companies with deep pockets; Actually it’s the reverse”. 

Ian Oxman, Co-owner for Software for Hardware, commented “The occurrence of cyber attacks and the use of software has caused many distributors in the industry downtime and lost revenue in 2021, while most industries have already begun migrating to the cloud, our industry has lagged. That is why we have decided to conduct this research into cloud technology”. 

To download Cloud Computing: A Lift For Your Business?, go to https://softwareforhardware.net/category/press-release/ 

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