The Introduction of thick copper plate PCB

March 29 11:09 2021

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Thick copper plate PCB is the one that a layer of copper foil bonded on the glass epoxy substrate of printed circuit board. When the finished copper thickness is ≥ 2oz, it is defined as thick copper plate.

Product tube medium: thick copper plate is mainly high current substrate, high current substrate is generally high power or high voltage substrate, it is mostly used in automotive electronics, communication equipment, aerospace, plane transformer, secondary power module and other aspects. With the development of thin and miniaturized electronic products, it is urgent for PCB to have higher thermal conductivity, so the application of thin core and thick copper multilayer plate is more extensive. Our product is used for automobile electrical appliances.

Product highlights: copper thickness 4oz, pressure 1000V, through smooth hairless system, ink bright no wrinkle no bubble phenomenon. Thick copper production process mature!

Difficulty in the production of thick copper plate:

1. Etching in the production process will lead to substandard pressure resistance, which will seriously cause short circuit fire.
2. thick copper plate on the dense line in the production process of solder ink prone to produce bubbles.
3. the thick copper plate in the process of drilling production, the inner layer of the strain, hole coarse, nails and other scrap rate is the highest.
4. Problems such as insufficient filling, large flow of glue, uneven thickness and cavity are easy to occur in the pressing process.

So what are the advantages and properties of thick copper plate?


The application of thick copper plate PCB in PCB prototype is almost everywhere, and its application field is very broad, including all kinds of home appliances, high-tech products, military, medical and other electronic equipment.Thick copper plate PCB has excellent extension performance, high temperature, low temperature, corrosion resistance, so that electronic equipment products have a longer service life, but also it has a great help to simplify the volume of electronic equipment. In particular, the applications to run a higher voltage and current of electronic products is requested for thick copper.


In PCB prototype, thick copper plate PCB has excellent strength and processing adaptability. In addition, it is also suitable for various processes and systems such as unit wall plate, flat lock type system, vertical bite system, BEM system, rain drainage system, etc., and can also be applied to various processing requirements required by these systems.

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