Addiction Occurs in British Columbia but the Costs of Rehab Can Fluctuate

March 26 21:02 2021

There is a worldwide problem with addiction, and the WHO (World Health Organization) can attest to that.  British Columbia is not without its own problems with addictions of all types, from alcohol to street drugs and everything in between, individuals become addicted quickly and inadvertently.  What prohibits many from seeking the help they need through rehab centers is the cost of the rehab.  There are many variables in the costs.  The severity of the addiction, the length of the addiction, and any cross-addictions (more than one coexisting addiction at a time) all play a part in the amount of time needed to stay at a rehab center.  Inspire Change Wellness, in Vancouver, BC, is seeking to lower the costs and work with clients so that they may get the help they need immediately not after an addiction has been present for years or even decades due to cost restrictions.

For men only, this addiction rehab center focuses on quick and timely recovery but also on the length of time someone remains free from addiction.  Relapses are what really drive up the costs of any rehab treatment, so avoiding relapse is a primary focus of Inspire Change Wellness.  Costs of any rehab program can be anywhere from $200 to $800 dollars per day depending upon length of stay.  A holistic, whole-person approach is used by Inspire Change Wellness, to prevent relapses.  This is the cost savings.  Most addictions start with either a mental, emotional, or even social disorder and Inspire Change Wellness treats the underlying causes of an addiction as well as the addiction.  If the underlying causes are not treated, remaining clean and sober usually is limited.  Any addict that returns to the same circumstances or has underlying causes that are untreated, will generally relapse at some point in time.

Family support is encouraged, and any family issues resolved if possible, during treatment.  While not all family issues can be resolved anyone attending rehab with Inspire Change Wellness is additionally set up with ongoing support services through the rehab whenever needed, or as ICW suggests, a routine follow up and support system.  This seems to work best when trying to remain clean and sober, using routine follow up support systems.  The costs of all rehab are factored in before someone makes a choice on what type of rehab is needed and how much it will cost.  While in-house rehab is of course, the most expensive, it is necessary many times as a medically safe rehab is included, and lifestyle changes, such as meditation, yoga, and nutrition are focused upon.  A structured environment with a routine such as this may cost more initially but can lead to less if any relapses.  Preventing relapse through an all- encompassing approach to addiction is the best overall way to save money on rehab in British Columbia.  Rehab does cost some money, but additions cost more over a lifetime.

About Inspire Change Wellness

Inspire Change Wellness has been successfully treating all types of addiction and cross-addiction in British Columbia for many years.  The holistic approach to addiction, with an assessment of underlying issues and family issues, is addressed.  Medically safe rehab is available, as are outside support services.  This addiction wellness center is for men only. 

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