Wukong Media: Where Does Marketing Stand in the Fight Against Racism

March 26 23:21 2021
One marketing agency’s journey of self-discovery of their purpose and capabilities.

In a time that is rife with racial tensions, with the endless tragedies of the anti-Chinese attacks all over the world in the past year, the situation can feel like a helpless and frustrating experience.

As an international digital marketing and consulting agency, Wukong Media aspires to be the bridge between Western markets and the local Chinese markets, helping Western business reach the local Asian population and vice versa for local Chinese businesses. Their business model is largely influenced by their in-depth knowledge of both communities. They’re made of people who have lived both worlds, and their purpose is to connect these two worlds. But how well can one small agency accomplish this with all the rising tension between China against the United States and Australia, it’s utterly devastating.

So where does one go from there? Would it be easier, to redirect marketing efforts to help Western businesses reach the Caucasian market, and Chinese businesses with the Chinese. It’s easier that way; the clients might be happier too, dealing with the devil they know.

But, “easier” is not always better. The importance to continue the mission to help businesses market across cultures only grows, in light of the current situation.

Marketing won’t change the world, that’s true. A marketing agency only tries to convince people to buy things from a business that’s paying them to do it. But marketing still matters; and how something is marketed still matters.

When marketing has always been about the art of information and persuasion, of communicating a specific message to a specific audience, and determining the most effective way to change a potential customer’s perceptions of a brand or product, it means marketers are equipped with a skill set capable of changing mass perception.

It means every client is an opportunity to reform people’s opinions; another chance to educate and foster understanding. It’s a means to put forward values and beliefs, through the content and branding strategies created, so communication and compassion can be encouraged.

It may not be much, but it’s one cog in the big machine countering racism that a marketing agency can still contribute to. And even if all it does, is allow the machine to run just a little bit faster, then it’s worth fighting for.

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