BOOX E Ink Tablets Get Discounts on BOOX Shop 2nd Anniversary

March 26 09:21 2021

BOOX E Ink Tablets Get Discounts on BOOX Shop 2nd Anniversary

On 26-31 March 2021, the official BOOX Shop celebrates its 2-year anniversary by offering discounts on BOOX products.

As a well-known brand specializing in electronic ink products, BOOX has been making and innovating E Ink devices since 2008. Besides fully-fledged monochrome E Ink tablets, Max Lumi, Note Air and Note3, BOOX recently released its first color E Ink reader supporting writing, Nova3 Color.

With the discounts on BOOX Shop 2nd anniversary, the following best sellers can be taken home at a nice price.

Max Lumi: The Best PDF Reader and Professional E Ink Tablet

BOOX E Ink Tablets Get Discounts on BOOX Shop 2nd Anniversary

The 13.3inch BOOX Max Lumi is famous for its large size and powerful features.

As one of the rare 13.3’’ E Ink tablets with an open Android system in the market, Max Lumi features ultimate system flexibility and functionality. On its large-size screen, users can effortlessly read A4-size PDFs and other files. In addition to pinch-to-zoom, users can also adjust PDF margins, font size and paddings and even reflow them. 

When reading on Max Lumi, users can also annotate files directly with a stylus and embed their hand-written notes on PDF and PPT files, which is a huge advantage for students and teachers.

Its A4-size canvas in the default Notes app is also a great feature. Users can draw and take notes on it with various tools, such as layers, pencil, marker pen, lasso, and even record audios with the latest firmware.

Note Air: Versatile Drawing and Writing Tablet

BOOX E Ink Tablets Get Discounts on BOOX Shop 2nd Anniversary

Since its debut last September, BOOX Note Air soon becomes the most versatile 10.3inch E Ink tablet in the market.

It is 5.1mm thick and weighs only 490g with adjustable front lights. The vivid colorways of navy blue and vibrant orange make the device modern and chic. And the ergonomic wider-bezel design without buttons for one-hand holding also expands its possibilities for comfortable drawing, writing and reading.

Note Air attracts people’s attention with its excellent industrial design, solid built quality and versatility. With the recent firmware updates, users can use layers, different brushes and templates, and horizontal canvas on Note AIr. The custom canvas also makes Note Air a flexible tool for creation. In addition to writing and drawing tools, Note Air gets the same powerful reading system as the Max Lumi.

The size, design and functionality make Note Air the most versatile 10.3’’ E Ink tablet with ultimate thickness.

Nova3 Color: Advanced Color E Ink Tablet

BOOX E Ink Tablets Get Discounts on BOOX Shop 2nd Anniversary

Monochrome E Ink products are pretty common these days. How about color ones?

Recently E Ink released the latest generation of color ePaper technology, the new Kaleido Plus, and firstly applied it on 7.8inch devices, including BOOX Nova3 Color.

BOOX Nova3 Color is a portable color E Ink tablet that supports writing. It features a Kaleido Plus screen, Android 10, large battery capacity, advanced hardware, adjustable white front lights, and a flush-screen design. It can show 4,096 different relaxing colors and offer powerful reading and writing tools.

Users can take advantage of this device if they love reading colorful content, such as charts, comics, and manga. As Nova3 Color supports note-taking, it’s also an excellent device for making beautiful planners and journals.

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