Bianca Shante’ Teaches Positivity And Perspective Transformation In All Things Positive

March 26 04:50 2021
Motivational speaker and author, Bianca Shante, continues to enjoy rave reviews for her motivational self-help book, All Things Positive, where she talks about mental health and a positive mindset

Bianca Shante’ has stayed true to her goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle for as many people as possible in different parts of the world through her brand. In a related development, the author, business owner, and Air Force Veteran recently published a self-help book titled All Things Positive. 

Live a positive life despite what’s going on within self or the world. Bad things happen to everyone but your response to those things will determine if you sink or sail. Start healing, reconditioning your brain, and focusing on all things positive. You will never have all of your ducks in a row. You sometimes have to gather up the ducks that you do have to move forward,” said Bianca Shante. 

Millions of people across the globe have to deal with different types of emotional and psychological issues. The ravaging Covid-19 pandemic has not particularly helped the situation, leading to increased stress levels for people across all age groups and gender. Over the years, several resources have been provided by so-called experts to motivate people and help them rise above their challenges to emerge successfully. Unfortunately, a good percentage of such resources are abstract, with content that readers can hardly relate to. However, Bianca Shante is looking to change this narrative by sharing her experience with dealing with such issues. 

The launch of All Things Positive is particularly timely, considering that virtually everything seems gloomy with the increasing prominence of so much darkness, hate, hopelessness, and unhealed trauma across the globe. The book offers an insightful guide that includes Bianca’s life stories as well as her experience in encouraging others. In the journey through All Things Positive, Bianca focuses on several key areas of life including business, mental health, relationships, and how to grow, heal and stay happy. 

For more information about All Things Positive as well as other projects from Bianca Shante’ as she seeks to help people embrace a more positive perspective to change the trajectory of their life, please visit - Bianca Shante’ can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Twitter. 

About Bianca Shante’ 

Bianca Shante’ is a motivational speaker, author, business owner, travel agent, social worker, Air Force veteran, and wife with a huge heart for helping others. Over the years, she has demonstrated that her purpose and passion for helping people worldwide through empowerment, mission work, mentoring, and leadership are needed, and God sent her on assignment to deliver. 

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