Miami Cardiologist, Michael Ozner, Discloses Novel Approach To Heart Attack Prevention In New Book

March 26 03:10 2021
Miami Cardiologist, Michael Ozner, Discloses Novel Approach To Heart Attack Prevention In New Book

Miami, FL – Michael Ozner, one of America’s leading advocates for heart disease prevention has just released a new book, Heart Attacks Are Not Worth Dying For, that reveals a new approach to prevent heart attacks. According to research, there are more than 800,000 deaths in the United States each year due to cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke), in spite of having some of the best doctors and hospitals worldwide. However, heart disease can now be prevented with healthy lifestyle choices and new highly effective medications when needed. In his book, Dr. Ozner proposes a paradigm shift in the medical approach to heart attack prevention. This will require people to become more proactive and prevent heart disease rather than being reactive and waiting for this deadly killer to strike. Heart Attacks Are Not Worth Dying For provides a straightforward pathway for heart disease prevention and reversal. 

Michael Ozner, MD, FACC, FAHA, is a board-certified cardiologist, a Fellow of both the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. He is also Medical Director of Wellness and Prevention at Baptist Health South Florida, and a well-known regional and national speaker in the field of preventive cardiology. He is symposium director for “Cardiovascular Disease Prevention,” an annual international meeting dedicated to the treatment and prevention of heart attack and stroke. As a former president of the American Heart Association of Miami and the recipient of the American Heart Association Humanitarian Award, he was elected to “Top Cardiologists in America” by the Consumer Council of America. He has authored a number of books including, The Great American Heart Hoax, Heart Attack Proof and The Complete Mediterranean Diet. His most recent book, according to Philip Smith, Editor-in-Chief of Life Extension Magazine, is “A life-saving must-read for both patient and doctor. Heart Attacks Are Not Worth Dying For provides a blueprint for ending the devastation of heart disease and living a longer life.”

Barry T. Katzen, Founder and Chief Medical Executive of Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, notes “As a renowned preventive cardiologist, Dr. Michael Ozner’s new approach to prevent heart disease has been shown to stabilize, reverse and in some cases eradicate the buildup of fatty deposits in our artery walls called atherosclerotic plaques and thereby lower the risk of heart attack and other vascular catastrophes.” He goes on to say that, “This new book provides the reader with easy-to-understand basics of the underlying problems, and importantly presents a clear pathway to heart health. I congratulate Dr. Ozner for introducing a proactive heart disease prevention plan to all interested in achieving optimal health and longevity.”

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