Outdoor Grow Huts Enables People to Grow High Value Plants at Home

March 25 03:03 2021
OutdoorGrowHut delivers and builds Outdoor Grow House Kits with all the components one needs and provides its clients with hassle-free gardening services for their high value plants!

Tempe, Az – OutdoorGrowHut aims to build a hassle-free gardening experience for its users. They aim to make their clients independent and not rely on costly plants for personal use. If one suffers from chronic pain, likes to wake and bake, burn on the weekend, or just likes to zest up their brownies, at $250 or more per ounce, procuring recreational plants can be extremely expensive!

By making an investment in an Outdoor Grow Kit and taking advantage of their optional gardening service contract, in 90 days you will be producing more plants than one could purchase in the same investment.

Growing plants is not easy, so if people do not have a green thumb or the time and patience required to nurture their crop, they can sign up for a service contract at $150 per month (no commitment-cancel any time) and professionals will come by every week to the user’s residence to monitor plant growth, feed the soil with their proprietary nutrients, and regulate moisture levels. They will also check the plants for males and do any re-planting of females, if needed.

Under their optional gardening service contract, if a customer likes, they will plant and nurture full-term seeds. These take about 8 months to grow but can yield up to 12 ounces of recreational plants. The tricky part of these seeds is that no vendor can guarantee the customer all female seeds. However, through their partner, Seed Connect, they will get highly feminized seeds, which means there is a high probability the seed will produce a female plant.

Furthermore, if a customer signs up for their optional service contract and they find a full-term male plant in your grow house, they will remove it and keep replacing it until a female grows.

Their most famous products include:

  • 6 Plant Grow House Kit: 8 x 8-foot Grow House. 
  • 12 Plant Grow House Kit: 8 x 12-foot Grow House. 
  • 6 Plant Grow House Kit NO SOIL: 8 x 8-foot Grow House. 
  • 12 Plant Grow House Kit NO SOIL: 8 x 12-foot Grow House. 

The Home Garden is completely legal as stated by the Arizona Proposition 207 which permits residents to start growing recreational for personal use. They also provide a secure and enclosed structure with a gate and lock to secure the high value plants. They also provide a 1-year warranty from the date of installation against defects in materials and workmanship.

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