Award-Winning Author & Educator “Aisha A. Alvarez” Is Delighted To Announce The Expansion Of “Aset Publishing Company.”

March 24 22:36 2021
With a mission to serve & empower the disadvantaged, Aisha is all set to amplify the impact of diverse untold stories, focusing on highlighting the needs of differently-abled people from the platform of Aset publishing.

The world is home to 7.6 billion people, and regardless of what community they belong to, everyone deserves to exist freely and fairly. The landscape of diversity and inclusivity has significantly evolved in the past century, and the efforts to bring a change are on the rise. Still, the conversations surrounding the importance of representation in literature are fairly new, but new faces are coming forward to play their part in it. Representation has the utmost importance for underserved and minority communities, and to bring dynamic change, it is essential to tell their stories to everyone worldwide. Aisha A. Alvarez is a passionate individual, striving to ignite a change and uplift the underserved communities by highlighting their message and stories through books. She has always been a staunch advocate of the rights of disadvantaged communities and with her decade-long experience in the nonprofit sector, she is well-versed with these communities’ difficulties.

Throughout her career, she has worked as a higher education administrator and a celebrated community organizer. Aisha has partnered with diverse notable nonprofit and welfare organizations to help people with disabilities and improve their quality of life. She was always surrounded by great influential women who were humanitarians, educators with great entrepreneurial spirits. She was deeply inspired by these strong role models who encouraged her to follow God’s purpose and perform the duties God placed on her life. But life tests every one and things were never easy for her too. Despite being on her own as a teenager and the numerous challenges she encountered, Aisha came out victorious. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science and my Masters in Human Resource Management.


Currently, she is a doctorate fellow, and 2020 has been a life-changing year for her. Fighting depression and embarking on a self-love journey, the author/educator decided nothing should stop her from working towards her goals. She resumed her doctorate and self-publish her first book Mommy’s Smile” to honor her nephew, who has autism, and mainly to fill the gap in children’s literature, represent autistic kids and spark important conversations about such topics. Mommy’s Smile is a wholesome story of Josiah, a young boy with autism. Through this detailed account of his daily life, the young kid shares his struggles, fears, and challenges doing day-to-day tasks considered typical for children his age. The book also offers insight into comforting activities that might be appealing and encourage young people with autism. The book is intended to inform and inspire families, educators, and organizations that work with people on the autism spectrum. When asked to talk about the motivation behind her book and her overall life philosophy, Aisha said.

“My life’s purpose is to share the type of love described in 1 Corinthian of the Bible. I do those things through my teaching, my service to humanity, my books, my mentorship relationships, and through raising my children. Almost every decision I make is rooted in love. I lead with love, I work in love, and I write to express love in its many facets. I define success as being happy, having the means to sustain happiness by doing desired things. Hopefully, those things will also bring peace and happiness to others, whether they are loved ones or strangers across the globe.”

The author believes publishing a book is equally challenging and tricky as writing one, especially for budding authors. Therefore to support and encourage them, she provides consultations to authors on their self-publishing journey. With first-hand knowledge of the exhaustive process, she endeavors to share her knowledge with the aspiring authors and help them learn the business part of the book publishing process to make their ventures successful. She also plans to grow her publishing company Aset Publishing to help more diverse stories be shared with the world, especially those highlighting the special needs community. Aisha believes in exploring new avenues and lending her voice to marginalized people. Therefore she speaks on various topics, including community service, advocacy, grassroots organizing, and special education.

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