“Marks, Martin and the Mule Train” – New Book by Author Hilliard Lawrence Lackey

March 24 21:06 2021
A book that shows you can always come out the other side.

Hilliard Lawrence Lackey‘s Marks, Martin and the Mule Train: Marks, Mississippi – Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Origin of the 1968 Poor People’s Campaign Mule Train is a thought-provoking look at one of history’s great movements. Beginning in Marks, the Dr. King inspired convoy of 28 wagons pulled by mules, laden with displaced Black farm workers takes the reader on a journey into a world many can no longer imagine, but one that for those who lived through it felt like an eternity. To learn more about what inspired the writer to reflect with such emotion and depth on a topic of this nature we sat down with this child of the Mississippi Delta to hear his thoughts. The following is what he had to say…

“I have always been fascinated by those people among us who stand up for what they believe in, despite the odds that seemed to be stacked against them. It’s something that so many of us convince ourselves we would have done back then, but that history shows us only a brave few dare to dream about. Marks and the work of Dr King have been intertwined for decades in ways that few can fully comprehend, which is why I chose it as the subject of my masterpiece.”

A laudable goal, but why now, and why a book like this?

“I’ve tried to employ a style of writing that feels natural and authentic so that anyone reading it can get a real sense of what life would have been like for themselves back then. The picture and descriptions can only tell you so much, but I’ve always believed that when you hear the words from the very people who lived through those times and had to think about if they could come to terms with hopelessness, never seeing progress in their own lifetimes, that’s when you really get a sense of what life was like for people back then.”

And what does the writer want the legacy of this book to be?

“I want to share what life in Marks was like back then with people from all walks of life. The idea here is to both start a debate on the one hand about what we could and should be doing as a nation, and to show ourselves that when people can come together they can move forward. This book is designed to show that despite the best of intentions these types of journeys are rarely quick and easy, but they must be completed from beginning to end nonetheless. If they are, then we can all help to leave the world in a better state than when we found it.”

Visit www.amazon.com today and immerse yourself in a moving work that has never been relevant than it is right now.

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