If Seeking to Understand More about Coffee Pods, Invigo Coffee has Published a Must-Read Article

March 24 15:12 2021

Coffee pods are the latest and greatest approach to convenience in brewing coffee and of course, producing a freshly brewed cup each time.  Most individuals do not really understand how to choose a coffee pod or what variations of grinds produce the best types of coffee.  Flavor and price matter, and the article by Invigo Coffee explains the significant differences in grind types used in coffee pods as well as self-grinding techniques.  For any coffee pod lover, this article is simply a “must-read.” Called “Everything You Should Know About Grind Size”, Invigo Coffee explores the grind size of coffee used in the pods, but also several other aspects of this new revolutionary brewing trend in coffee.

The article does focus on a universally adaptable grind size for almost all coffee makers out there.  This is the “fine grind” and has the right amount of fineness and coarseness, according to Invigo Coffee to ensure that it allows just enough water flow extraction at a reasonable speed, while diminishing unwanted flavors that might come through on other size grinds.  Invigo not only recommends the best grind size but goes into a thorough explanation of other grind sizes, water flow speed, and volume within this article.  For coffee lovers out there, especially those that are a fan of coffee pods, it is an eye-opening and much needed article.  Most pod lovers only go by instinct or price when choosing which pods to buy.  This only results in dissatisfaction with the flavor of the brewed coffee, or the time it takes for the coffee to brew.  Waiting on a cup of coffee for those that are coffee lovers seems like a lifetime. 

Medium-grind size is also addressed as this can be the next best second choice for coffee lovers.  Fine grind can produce coffee that is a bit too strong for some, and the differences in taste levels is discussed in the article.  All coffee lovers have their own unique taste level with some liking a strong brew, while others prefer a medium or light brew.  Medium-grind size usage is discussed as this does take a bit of tapping down in the coffee pod to produce the lighter taste than the fine grind.  It seems to be the second most popular favorite amongst coffee pod users for taste and quickness of brewing process. 

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