Abid Shakir’s New Book “The Code Is from Allah” Focuses on The Importance of Divine Code in Natural Order and Human Development

March 24 01:36 2021
“The Code is from Allah” is a new book by author Abid Shakir and focuses on the importance of the Divine Code in human development and natural order.

New York, United States The human quest to find God, understand him, and follow a path of godliness is universal and ancient. Author Abid Shakir’s latest book, “The Code is from Allah,” is on the same lines. It tries to explain how Allah’s code, as the Almighty is known as in Islam, was discovered by man in a natural order.

The book also explains how the discovery was made early on in human developmental stages and how a man could see its worth in the journey of human growth and regard it as a treasure for this reason.

Shakir writes that man started to look for ways to maintain Allah’s code in many ways, such as planting seeds, which is essential for cultural insight. This code of the Almighty can be seen in existence in the natural order. To see his code in everyday happenings needs the eye of faith.

Abid Shakir’s book stands as proof of his quest to understand the insight of human and cultural development and realize as well as explain the same, grow as a true Muslim and have a universal realization as per Imam W.D. Mohammed’s teachings.

Over a period of 33 years, Shakir came to realize the insight of universal knowledge as well as how important it is for the development of human beings. He understood how early scripture and culture are based on Allah’s code in subtle and open ways.

Shakir is a student of Imam W.D. Mohammed has already published five books – hoping to assist others and help them get a better realization of how valuable this knowledge is. It can also help readers realize the insight of the revealed knowledge and its relation to the global culture. This book actually reviews this eternal quest of man and extends the same. For anyone who loves mysticism and is into spiritual pursuits, this book can make for an enjoyable read and shed more light on Islamic and global spiritualism.

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