Ken Gordon’s “Bad Dogs” Empowers Readers to See Past Race and Run to Victory

March 23 21:30 2021
Ken Gordon's "Bad Dogs" Empowers Readers to See Past Race and Run to Victory

Outside of the numerous plagues that have stained the world, there is one that stubbornly persists. From racial segregation, harassment, and violence, to unfounded assumptions based on a person’s skin color, racism has withstood the test of time and, despite continuous societal and technological advancements, thrives in the present day.

Following the growing international clamor for equality, sought-after author Ken Gordon has released his contribution to the movement – a book entitled “Bad Dogs – A Black Cadet In Dixie.”

Once a cadet himself, having earned a degree in International Law & Military Affairs from “The Citadel – The Military College of South Carolina” in Charleston, SC, Ken Gordon draws from his experience and crafts a compelling tale of empowerment and pain.

Inspired by actual events, “Bad Dogs,” as the author fondly calls it, is a story of struggle and emergence as Jon Quest, an African American student, attends an esteemed military university and becomes the subject of insistent racist attacks. The harassment would go on as his peers violently express their disapproval of the student and “his kind” – until, one day, Jon decides to fight back.

Talking about his latest work, Ken reveals, “these events are not specific to me, rather are shared by many who look like me. The brotherhood of the long black line is fraught with pain, agony, abuse, and a complete lack of empathy, yet those are not reasons for us not to push forward and to push one another forward.”

Despite his disclaimer, the closest inspiration for Jon Quest’s story is the brilliant author himself. Although “Bad Dogs” is too good to put down without finishing, a hint into how the story ends may be grabbed from the many accomplishments decorating Ken Gordon’s portfolio.

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree, Ken went on to study at the James Dussault University Pentecostal Seminary in Columbia, SC, where he graduated with a master’s degree in Church Administration, a doctorate in Communication, and a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling.

He later became a Deputy Mayor and Councilman at Large for a small town in New Jersey after holding a post as the community’s President of the Board of Education. Steadily destroying stigma against people of color, he expanded his services as the Chair of Human Relations Commissions in Colorado and New Jersey. 

In 2018, he inspired people to walk in faith by founding The House of Light Church – Alabama with his wife, Leslie. That same year, he also launched their radio show “Commitments with Ken and Leslie,” which ran until October last year, along with “Radio Blogs with Ken Gordon” and his community-oriented television program “Words2Action.”

Due to his extensive influence and popular platforms, Ken Gordon is widely regarded as an expert speaker on leadership, public service, political action, civil rights, human rights, HIV/AIDS education, and youth mentoring. His award-winning book “Divorced But Still Dad – Faith Principles of Fatherhood for Divorced Men” cemented his reputation as an authority on positive mindset and capturing success.

His life-changing debut work was soon followed by “The Love of a Father – Faith Principles of Father’s Love,” which brought excitement for the release of “Bad Dogs – A Black Cadet in Dixie.”, 

“Mine is a story of victory and optimism, in spite of. Mine is a story of being more than a conqueror. I do not recount my story with anger or bitterness. I recount my story with a strategic frankness that encourages all to keep hammering away, knowing one day, we shall overcome.”

Ken Gordon is currently working on a 12-part children’s series with the first book “Pancake Dad” launching this March 2021. Outside of his upcoming book, he continues to serve as a Diamond Life Member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a prized member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and a board member of Jazz Stepping Stones – a transitional living facility for women and children in Los Angeles, California. 

Become the victor and not the victim with Ken Gordon’s “Bad Dogs – A Black Cadet in Dixie.” Learn more about the well-loved author and entrepreneur on Facebook, Instagram, and his official website.

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