Kash Lanier Shares How She Broke Financial Barriers and Establishing Focused Credit Education

March 23 18:57 2021
Kash Lanier Shares How She Broke Financial Barriers and Establishing Focused Credit Education

School provides people with knowledge about several topics, but they often overlook some of the most essential things in life, and people are left scrambling to educate themselves. When Kash Lanier found herself struggling to pay off her debts, she discovered that her credit score took massive hits to the point where her basic needs were severely affected. Seeking help, Kash was able to get her life back on track. However, she took the experience to heart and actively worked to ensure that no one would endure the same hardships. Establishing her brand, Focused Credit Education, Kash has been helping others break financial barriers.

Kash Lanier entered motherhood at the age of sixteen and would go from living from pillow to post. With life in her hands, she took the responsibility to create a better life for herself and her child. After completing high school, Kash would enroll in college and find how easy it was to get approved for credit card applications. Like most young people, she would go on a spending spree, pampering herself and providing her daughter with the joys of life. However, her habits caught on to her, and by nineteen, Kash was drowning in a sea of debt.

With bills left unpaid, Kash experienced repossession and wage garnishment. Her accounts were charged off as they were deemed delinquent. With the bills going off unpaid for months, Kash’s credit score gradually decreased. It came to the point where finding a place to live was difficult, and transportation became a challenge. Public assistance could do nothing to help her settle into an apartment. 

Kash was able to turn things around when she saw a credit repair advertisement one day. Although it was costly at the time, she decided to invest for herself and her daughter. For six months, Kash consistently followed the steps explained to help her by the company, and she was able to get approval for an apartment, a vehicle, and several credit cards. With her newfound knowledge and experience, Kash Lanier decided to create a company called Focused Credit Solutions to uplift others in similar situations.

In the two years that followed, Kash scaled her business to become a six-figure titan, helping almost four thousand people fix their credit scores and educating them about their profile and finances. She has helped people structure and grow their businesses, constantly motivating and teaching others about strengthening their mindset to reach their goals. 

Since creating Focused Credit Education, Kash has been instrumental in helping people break financial barriers. However, her ventures do not end there. She has been working to create her memoir to release in February 2022. Having broken the chain of poverty and a poor mindset, Kash is determined to inspire others to do the same.

Successful in her venture to help and educate others about credit, Kash Lanier foresees her work continuing on a grander scale. She plans to travel the world and speak on stage, sharing her story to crowds of people who need to hear what she has to say.

Learn more about Kash Lanier and Focused Credit Education by visiting their official website. You can also reach out to them on Facebook and Instagram.

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