Sorry It’s Over Dominates the Airwaves with Original Sound and Songwriting

March 23 18:03 2021
Sorry It’s Over Dominates the Airwaves with Original Sound and Songwriting

Sorry It’s Over is a pop and alternative rock band formed by Sam Adgate and Louis Petrella. Their authentic SoCal vibe and original style have quickly propelled them to the limelight as the rising band to look out for.

Having reached over 200,000 streams on Spotify, it is clear to see that Sorry It’s Over is rapidly growing its fan base. Listeners particularly enjoy the band’s masterful mix of classic and modern rock. Sam and Louis draw heavily from an eclectic source of inspiration, resulting in their original sound.

Sam and Louis describe themselves as local Socal boys. And the band’s music reflects their “good time” vibe. The two trace their relationship back to highschool, where Sam and Louis were bandmates. Before establishing Sorry It’s Over, they moved to Santa Barbara and stayed there for a few years. Upon their return home, they finally decided to take a leap of faith and make music together.

When Sam and Louis started Sorry It’s Over, they worked out of a garage. The two soon converted the twelve-by-twelve square-foot space into a DIY studio. Since then, they have worked nonstop to craft the band’s music and art.

In creating the unique sound for Sorry It’s Over, Sam and Louis capitalize on bringing together their respective talents. Since he was eight, Louis engaged in jamming sessions with his father. These early life experiences provided him with a rich background in classic rock music. Over time, Louis also developed a passion for EDM. Sam’s lyrical ability perfectly complements Louis’s immense skill in music production.

Through this constant collaboration between their complementary dispositions, Sorry It’s Over found its niche in the industry. Making full use of every tool available to them,  Sam and Louis developed their signature style. By incorporating rock with a new age twist, Sorry It’s Over created a post-genre fusion. This exploration of diverse sounds reveals youthful energy. At the same time, it pays homage to and subverts traditional classifications.

Within a few months of working on their brand new project, Sam and Louis completed a few demos and got Geza X’s attention. The famous punk rock producer is best known for his collaborations with Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, and The Gems. Showing more than casual interest in the artistry of Sorry It’s Over, Geza X decided to sign the band to his label Geza X Records.

The band maintains a positive outlook for the future—as they should. Sam and Louis hope to one day tour around the world. However, given their original style and songwriting, Sorry It’s Over is already inspiring the next generation of artists.

Currently, Sorry It’s Over has four singles: “Sunflower,” “Ghost Inside,”  “Am I Better,” and “Is it Cool?.” These songs are available on all major streaming platforms. Sam and Louis have been working almost every day to finish their latest project. Their 5th single, “Where’d My mInd Go,” was released on  Feb 12, 2021.

Get a free download of “Is It Cool?” on their website.

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