Alpine Research Optics, a precision laser optic manufacturer has installed an IBS chamber

March 10 03:09 2021
Based in the USA, Alpine Research Optics provides reliable and high-quality laser optics all across the USA. The in-house coating and fabrication capabilities along with advanced manufacturing techniques produce modified as well as stock products.

Boulder, Colorado, USA – One of the leading laser optics manufacturers of the USA, Alpine Research Optics provides a wide variety of laser applications for leading equipment manufacturers in the industry of semiconductors, medical and other industrial markets as well. Alpine Research Optics designs optical laser mirrors between narrowband and broadband in 193 – 3000 nm. The custom optical lenses are offered in convex, concave, spherical and cylindrical formats, with focal lengths between 33 – 7500 nm. Moreover, Alpine Research Optics is also the manufacturer of laser line optics, high precision optics and thin-film polarizers.

With an experience of more than 30 years, Alpine Research Optics holds strong expertise in manufacturing products for commercial needs as well as for leading universities and some of the best research labs all across the country. The core aim of Alpine Research Optics is to produce and manufacture durable, long-lasting and high-damage threshold coatings on tight tolerance substrates, particularly in the deep UV to near IR range. The company’s dedication and expertise towards the craft make it highly desirable among its customers.

Recently, Alpine Research Optics has installed an IBS Chamber that has enhanced the coating process to a much more significant extent. The IBS Chamber involves a depositing technique, in which the layer of the desired material is formed by molecules extracted from the target material by a highly energetic and precisely controlled ion beam. This method produces coatings that are dense and pure. The coating performances at Alpine Research Optics lie between 193-3000 nm, these coatings are some of the best in its class.

The company also fabricates precision optics to meet a wide array of specifications including various shapes and sizes. Alpine Research Optics makes use of high-quality materials to produce amazing results, these materials include optical glasses, fused silica, optical crystals and optical ceramics. These materials are used along with standard techniques of modern times to make sure the resultant products are highly effective, efficient and long-lasting.

Meteorology is another strong area of expertise among Alpine Research Optics. By using state-of-the-art equipment and quality control, the company makes sure to deliver exactly what it promises to its customers all across the USA. The Zygo Newview 7300 is used at Alpine Research Optics to measure the surface roughness, other highly advanced inventory is used for the measurement of radius, fat tests, and much more.

A large number of lenses are made at Alpine Research Optics including UV Lenses, IR Lenses, Piano-Convex Lenses and much more. Custom lenses are also designed and built with varying radii, roughness, irregularity and other factors. The company also produces partial reflector coatings, plate and cube beam splitters with expertise in solid-state, excimer and ultrafast laser systems.

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