Lawggle: Finding Legal Help is now More Fun and Less Fuss

March 10 02:45 2021
Sourcing legal services in local area just got easier, with Lawggle breaking legal market barriers and quickly becoming the TOP legal database in North America.

March 9, 2021 – Users who haven’t yet heard of ‘Lawggle,’ a lexical blend of the words ‘Lawyers’ and ‘Google’, have something to be excited about – and it is not just the company’s catchy name. It is the life-made-easy bevy of functions that Lawggle offers to clients and legal professionals when seeking each other out on the internet and in their local areas that has us super hyped up! Inspired by a team of professionals with an ‘insider-scoop’ of how stuff goes down in the legal space, Lawggle is focused on connecting clients with legal professionals in a no-BS, super-fun, and stress-free way! 

Without a shred of doubt, finding a competent legal professional to manage legal problems may never be easy-peasy in the next gazillion years, but for sure, finding a lawyer doesn’t have to be as complicated as it has been! This train of thought is top-of-mind for the team behind Lawggle at its inception, hence the interactive nature of the website, its operation, speed, and simplicity.

Simulated after a search-engine website experience (but WAY better and simpler to navigate), Lawggle makes sure that users will never feel like dummies when hunting for legal services by doing away with all the high-sounding ‘legalese’ words that lawyers love to throw around on their websites. Lawggle simplifies the search process by using ‘layman’ terms and easy and intuitive features.

The search engine’s pool of legal professionals and law firms is tailor-made for clients as an all-in-one intuitive approach to how legal support is sought and offered. Lawggle makes the search feel more casual and fun while guiding people to the right type of legal professional, unlike than the traditional and often daunting ‘google-search’ experience. Plus, Lawggle has created a unique social algorithm that funnels the user’s search down to the desired range of expertise and geographical location, so what one want is what they get, even if they didn’t know what that was when they started out!

In short, through its catalog of fun and intuitive functions, Lawggle has made giant strides towards changing the process of connecting users with ideal legal professionals in a way that takes the stress out of the entire process.

Lawggle, a fun and easy search engine service that connects potential clients with professional law firms in their area. To search for a legal professional now, please visit

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