Gaggle Studios Sharing 5 Ways to Stay Happy At Home

March 10 02:09 2021
Gaggle Studios Sharing 5 Ways to Stay Happy At Home

In the past, few people could imagine working and playing at home all the time. Due to the ongoing pandemic, most people now have the experience of staying at home for 24 hours. Although they still need to work to make a living, they start to have more spare time at home. Some people might enjoy it, but some people might find it difficult to cope with. Here are 5 tips to use:

Play online escape rooms

Many people like to play escape rooms because it is a good way to hang out with friends and enjoy the interaction. However, they don’t know that they can do it online now. Gaggle Studios offer virtual escape rooms for people to play together online with great chatting features. For those people who are used to playing escape rooms onsite in big cities like New York, they can definitely try the new online escape rooms to get the same experience.

Do some cleaning

A clean and tidy space will help people relieve stress. The lockdown time is a good opportunity to declutter home space and rejuvenate the lovely living room, bedroom, kitchen and even basement. After the cleaning, put on fresh cut flowers in the vase. Life can be rosy.

Do some reading

While most people will lie down on the sofa and watch endless netflix shows, some people can opt to learn new knowledge through regular reading. Reading is also the best way to practice focus and obtain true relaxation for the mind.

Exercise more

Some people might feel depressed because they can’t see friends or family frequently as before. However, they can start to do more indoor activities and exercise to relieve the stress. The depression will be swept away with the sweat.


Meditation and yoga can help people clear the mind and pay attention to breaths. Just like room cleaning, people’s mind needs constant cleaning as well. Simply wipe out the twisted and chaotic thoughts, people will enjoy the true peace.

There are so many ways to stay happy and engaged at home, and people just need to be open minded and seek different solutions. The rule is to do more exercise by either working out or cleaning. As long as the space is clean and the body is active, people will not feel frustrated or bored.

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