The KAZOO D1 is the World’s Smallest 3-in-1 Cordless Iron, and It’s now on indiegogo

March 10 01:33 2021

Kazoo wanted to take wrinkles out of your travels for good. Well, they’ve done that and more with the Kazoo D1: a compact, mobile, cordless iron that’s also an effective lint remover and a powerful, portable charging bank for devices.

The cordless iron allows anyone to take Kazoo out of the house with confidence, no matter how long a commute or how distant a trip. Having no wires means it stays neat and clean in your suitcase, but that tidiness extends to the iron itself as well.


The D1 offers two temperature options, making it usable on a wide variety of fabrics and materials. A thirty-second heat-up that remains strong, along with a stable temperature output, will keep your clothes wrinkle-free long after the ironing stops.

And no safety was spared in this innovative design. D1 is equipped with silicone heat insulation pads, which protects both clothing and skin from burns. And when it’s not in use, the power will automatically cut off after twenty seconds – preventing any serious mishaps.

But beyond the cutting-edge iron, the D1 features a lint-remover equipped with a razor-like three-leaf blade design. And with a knife-net of only 0.15 mm, it will remove the most amount of lint possible without any damage to clothing – doesn’t matter if it’s a blazer, a sweater, a wool coat or a t-shirt.

And as if the Kazoo D1 wasn’t enough of a great travel companion, it also serves as a potent mobile power bank. It can fully charge an iPhone8 three times over, and an iPhone12 twice. In fact, the D1 is only the length of an iPhone, weighing no more than a pair of AirPods Max. Suitcases, backpacks, messenger bags, they can all store the D1 with ease.

But don’t let the convenient, compact size fool you. The D1 has world-class stamina, able to iron up to twenty pieces of clothing, remove hairballs from up to one-thousand items, and act as a backup battery to two phones. Combine all this with a simple, double-button design that easily distinguishes its functions, and D1 is an A-1 travel companion!

The retail price of Kazoo D1 is $115, but the early bird rate of $69 will be available for a limited time. For more information please visit:

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