Ausin Pipeline Material&Equipment Co.,Ltd Presents Variety of High-Tech Cutting And Slitting Machines With Affordable Prices To Global Clients

March 10 00:19 2021
Ausin Pipeline Material&Equipment Co.,Ltd introduces variety of cutting machines such as Transformer core cutting machine, Transformer lamination cutting machine, silicon steel cut to length line, CRGO cutting machine for use in various applications.

Ausin Pipeline Material&Equipment Co.,Ltd is focused to offer the best quality machines. They have become trustable and are widely known to supply top-notch machine across the world.  The company has a team of highly trained engineers who manufacturer these machines with utmost care to its functionality and performance. The devices are tested and inspected on specific parameters to ensure they work accurately, last longer and deliver flawless performance. These machines are used in many industries and are available to customers in different versions. They are fully automatic machines and do not require any human intervention. The machines start working simply by setting the programs. In addition, they are equipped with easy-to-use and cutting functions. Its one-touch operation makes the process easier and more efficient. With easy-to-use functions, users can easily configure cutting shapes as well as parameters.

Ausin Pipeline Material&Equipment Co.,Ltd Presents Variety of High-Tech Cutting And Slitting Machines With Affordable Prices To Global Clients

Cut to length is operated by latest PLC, and HMI operation.  It is a machine that is normally used for cutting and punching straight and miter V-shaped cores, with the automatic feeding of silicon steel sheets. It is well designed to cut the silicon steel coil to the required length or drawn according to the user. The machine is designed for continuous use and increased performance, while maintaining quality and precision. They are much better than manual hand clippers. Users get much better, cleaner and more professional results with this machine. The spokesperson said that this machine is powerful tool and can be used in metal processing and cutting companies and corporations whose business area is the cutting and processing of different types of metal.

Ausin Pipeline Material&Equipment Co.,Ltd manufactures high-performance, high-precision slitting machines that deliver the repeatable precision, high speed, and durability demanded by the most demanding fabricators and manufacturers. These machines handle complex shapes when forming metals and are flawless machines. Hence, many companies always prefer to have them. Since they are also computer controlled, users are sure to get precision when cutting so that the cut remains error free and efficient. Metal fabrication and treatment can also be done while metal is cutting.

Ausin pipeline material &equipment co., ltd’s Unicore machines are one of the best industrial tools as far as cutting industry is concerned. Nevertheless, its scope has gained immense significance for the handiness is so. These machines are used to cut transformer cores cut into various cores of small, medium and large transformers core in open type, triangle type. Moreover, these machines can be tailored to the needs of clients and industrial application.

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Ausin Pipeline Material&Equipment Co.,Ltd is situated in Cangzhou Xianxian development zone, Hebei Province, China. The company covers 28771 square meters with a structural area of 7848 square meters. This company specializes in CNC Transformer core cutting machine, Silicon steel cut to length line, CRGO lamination cut to length device, C.R.G.O. Cutting machine, transformer unicore cutting machine, CRGO slitting machine etc.

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