Vigorous Development of the Coupling Mode of Planting and Breeding and the Eco-cycle Agriculture

March 09 23:54 2021

Significant progress has been made in the Key Technology Integration and Application Project of Chicken-watermelon-corn Planting and Breeding-coupled Eco-cycle Mode headed by WU Caixia, a teacher from the Agriculture College of Yangzhou University. This project is an independent innovation project of agricultural science and technology of Jiangsu Province.

Event: The coupling of planting and breeding is an ecological agricultural model combining planting and breeding. Backed by the endowment conditions of regional agricultural production resources, this mode gives full play to the comparative advantages, guides farmers to properly adjust agricultural production structure in response to the market demands, and increases farmers’ income. Therefore, it is an important solution to promote the sustained and stable growth of rural economy and build a new fertile countryside.

In this mode, livestock and poultry breeding waste are reused as resources. As a result, the environmental pressure is relieved on the one hand and farmers’ income is increased and the combination of agriculture and animal husbandry promoted. For the purpose of relieving the environmental pressure and improve the utilization rate of chicken manure resources and the income of local farmers, this project studied the highly efficient recycling production mode of chicken-watermelon-corn coupling. Besides, production technology practices and discussions were done together with local chicken farms and farmers. Recovered chicken manure is subjected to ectopic fermentation, and the fermented chicken manure-based organic fertilizer is applied to cultivated land as base fertilizer. Watermelon is grown from Mar. to Jun. and then corn from Jul. to Oct., and in the end the harvested corn supplied to raise chickens. This project developed the technology of ectopic fermentation of chicken manure-based organic fertilizer, discussed different effects of organic fertilizer on the physical and chemical properties of arable soil and the yield and quality of watermelon and corn, and analyzed the cost and benefit of this efficient production mode. At present, this mode has been popularized and demonstrated in the local agricultural production system.

This mode is featured with several distinctive advantages and significances as it can reduce environmental pollution and save fertilizer and water resources; better allocate resources and form specialized management; better popularize new technologies and products; help farmers get much more increase in a sustained way and improve the overall development level of rural economy; and propel the sustainable and stable development of ecological agriculture.

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