Mental Fitness LLC set to Launch Mental Health Toolkit for Youngsters Looking to Improve Their Mental Well-Being

March 09 18:42 2021
Passionate about mental health, Mathew Bjorngaard is set to launch a series of four daily planners, a product designed to help the younger generation be more productive and attain promising well-being

According to the World Health Organization, about 76% and 85% of people with mental disorders do not receive any treatment for their disorders. The Organization also draws attention to the poor quality of care being given to those who receive treatment. This nonchalant attitude towards mental illness means that a significant percentage of the almost 1 billion mental health patients in the world (diagnosed and undiagnosed) are suffering major setbacks in their lives, one way or another. This anomaly is what Mathew Bjorngaard seeks to eliminate with the feel better planner from Mental Fitness LLC.

Mathew Bjorngaard, having battled, and conquered two mental illnesses himself, is passionate about improving the condition of the mental well-being of those struggling with any form of mental illness. His company, Mental Fitness LLC is committed to helping individuals in battling stress disorder, addictions, anxiety, depression, and a host of other disorders using a series of four daily planners to help them focus more on school, career, and family.

The fitness planner from Mental Fitness LLC is divided into daily, weekly, and monthly sections over a 13-week period, with 3 assessments, allowing customers to track their progress over time. It also comes with a manual and Self-Care and Goal-Setting Roadmap. The product also has exercises that help soothe the mind.

However, Mental Fitness LLC seeks to go beyond retail as the company hopes to build relationships with its customers. He also strives, through Mental Fitness LLC, to promptly detect mental disorders in affected persons using advanced psychopathology methods and guide them through the process of recovery.

“I want my company to have relationships with our customers that goes beyond the transaction of buying a planner; I want to provide a wealth of support and resources to customers so they know they’re not alone on their wellness journey.” – Mathew Bjorngaard, Founder of Mental Fitness LLC

Mathew Bjorngaard, in his quest to humanize and modernize the mental fitness planner, also had this to say, “Traditional planners treat humans like we’re robots as if we do nothing but aim for 100% efficiency and productivity. I understand the importance of setting goals, benchmarks and working towards a result you want. But I also understand that humans are not perfect. We all make mistakes, get tired, lose motivation, get distracted, and get down on ourselves.”

“The Mental Fitness Planner prioritizes self-care and helps you incorporate good habits into your daily routine. On top of that, we don’t just tell you “hey, start taking better care of yourself”. We are also partnering up with experts in several health fields to provide concrete actions and resources our customers can use.” – Mathew Bjorngaard, Founder of Mental Fitness LLC.

Mathew Bjorngaard is prepared to commit himself and all the knowledge gained in the field of Mental Illness and human relationships to help mental health patients get back on both feet. Mathew and his team will be launching the online solution in April 2021 to cater to the mental needs of as many customers.

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Mental Fitness was born from the desire to help vulnerable people receive mental health treatment and the attention required. Its founder, Mathew Bjorngaard suffered from GAD (general anxiety disorder) and Dysthymia (persistent depressive disorder).

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