Levels the Playing Field for Small E-Commerce Businesses

March 09 20:49 2021
The new Glo3D App simplifies the way e-commerce businesses create 360-degree product photos using just a smartphone.

The Glo3D App is designed to provide a better shopping experience by offering more detail into every product. Users can spin the product in every direction to see exactly what they are buying, which Toussi believes can lead to better buying decisions and reduced returns due to products not meeting the buyer’s expectations.

In fact, online studies show that as much as 30% of all online purchases are returned. Of those, 22% of items are returned because they look different than they appear in the photo. More than half of online shoppers agree that photos are an essential part of the buying decisions, ranking higher than product descriptions and even product reviews.

However, the high return rate is a growing concern among business owners, particularly smaller companies whose margins are already slim due to competition from larger e-commerce companies. Many companies are struggling to find a way to reduce their return rates without resorting to price increases or changing their store policies.

The Glo3D App is poised to provide a viable solution simply by capturing about the same level of detail customers would get if they were shopping in-store. Customers can twist and rotate the product photo as though they were holding it in their hands, something that 91% of online shoppers say they want from e-commerce businesses.

How the Glo3D App works

Simplicity and cost effectiveness are key when it comes to helping smaller businesses compete with their larger counterparts. Glo3D App executes both of these with its straightforward interface and minimal investment. There’s no equipment to buy other than a simple motorized turntable, since all photos are taken and edited via your existing smartphone.

Business owners can use the app to capture their products from every angle, then the Glo3D App smart technology will transform the photos into a multi-directional, interactive experience. Photos are edited directly on the screen, including replacing existing backgrounds with professional ones using artificial intelligence and adding hotspots to the product. Then the photo can be embedded into the product page as a URL or exported as a GIF or video file.

What’s more, the Glo3D App is capitalizing on the Big Data trend that allows retailers to see exactly where and how they’re moving the needle. In this case, users can gain insight into important data such as number of views and duration of views to know their 360-degree product photos are working for them.

Final thoughts

When you run a small e-commerce business, it’s not just you vs. other small businesses. Taking on giant brands adds to the cumbersome process of business growth, which often feels like a no-hitter. But taking advantage of ready-made tools and tech like Glo3D App is a smart step that can help to even the score, spark real competition, and push all players to put forth their best UX efforts.

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