South Florida Video Services, Reinvented

March 09 20:42 2021
How a South Florida Video Company Evolved After COVID.

South Florida – March 9, 2021 – South Florida-based and Addy Award winner company, Psych Interactive Studios, reinvented their video production and animation services that used to be exclusively for broadcast to match the new tendencies with video designed to increase engagement and build brands online.

“There was a marketing book in the 80s called “Sell Don’t Tell”. In today’s marketing, the new normal is SHOW DON’T SELL. User behavior has transformed drastically and so did we. Our team now has the capability to deliver more videos to match the demand for video content that includes broadcast, and different formats for social media platforms.” Said Gilberto Marcano, Founder and Digital Consultant.

In fact, user behavior has suffered a drastic transformation during COVID. It is estimated that the average person now spends 100 minutes every day watching online videos in 2021.

This is a 19% increase compared to daily viewing minutes in 2019, which stood at 84.

“The video production and animation industry is going through a transformation like many other industries. The demand for bigger productions declined and we came up with a strong approach to a service that is now in high demand, which is video content. In fact, we extended our offering to include Lottie animations and other formats for websites too.” Said Emily Stapleton, Senior Producer.

This is how was born, an easier way to order professionally edited videos, animation by professionals delivered to the customer’s inbox.

This is not a DYI software but a fully online video production service that allows marketing executives and business owners to order content online.

The benefit of cloud services is that eliminates the overhead expenses of hiring editors and animators, voice-over artists, producers and staff.

There is a huge demand for content these days and there are also a couple of new cloud-based services (SAS) that allow marketers, content designers, and business owners to create their own content. In that case, you have to spend time until you get the outcome you want and sometimes you may even need other software to complete the work.

Psych Studios’ new service allows business owners and marketers to request their content with specific formats and continue with their busy day until they get their content delivered to their inbox. It’s like having a video production department with a click of a button.

For small and medium businesses creating their own content to constantly engage with their audience is the secret sauce to increase their profits while building their brand.

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