StrataBlue’s Partnership with Local DSO Pioneers Direct-to-Patient Model in the Endodontic Industry

March 09 19:34 2021
The partnership disrupts the status quo among dental specialists, empowering endodontists to be active players in the business.

AYIK + BERTO Dental Specialists, a dental services organization (DSO), partners with digital and technology marketing agency StrataBlue to develop a new business model and disrupt the endodontic industry.

The need for developing a new model arose from a dated endodontist model 98% reliant on referrals from general practice (GP) dentists. This is a concern as relying on GP referrals is a passive and unpredictable business model that often prevents endodontic businesses from achieving real growth.

Endodontic practices regularly faced distressing challenges. Even if they could work on growing their GP referral network, they know that this model is not sustainable in the long run. Some of the reasons include an unpredictable case flow from GP dental clinics, a competitive referral network, impractical business practices like hiring additional staff to connect with GP dentists and stagnant growth due to the saturated business model.

In December 2019, StrataBlue’s market research concluded that 64 percent of patients didn’t know all the facts about endodontists and the benefits of seeing a specialist instead of their dental GP. Looking closely at the research, AYIK + BERTO and StrataBlue discovered an untapped market to empower dental patients to proactively book appointments with an endodontic specialist instead of their GP.

They created a new direct-to-patient (DTP) model that started with robust customer education and ended with a consistent flow of self-referrals. This model is scalable, repeatable and allows for more brand exposure and control of the patient experience.

The DSO went on to form the AYIK + BERTO Dental Specialists, consisting of the eight decentralized endodontic practices in the area. And StrataBlue was quick to launch a marketing campaign to attract audiences. They used paid advertising on social media, digital radio and search engine platforms to grow awareness and generate phone calls. They also used targeted content like video content, e-books and email campaigns to educate and engage patients.

The entire marketing campaign was a massive success, and the DSO has seen a significant activity increase in all areas of the venture.

AYIK + BERTO, with the active help of StrataBlue’s holistic branding and marketing expertise, saw an opportunity to take control of their business and shattered the industry’s old model.

StrataBlue helps businesses with growth in the digital space. Most companies that run ads and use marketing and sales software do not have the internal skillset to weave it all together in an efficient manner. StrataBlue evaluates and creates a strategic plan, then handles the execution — everything from digital marketing to websites, content (video & written), marketing automation (sales funnels), CRMs and more.

More information about dental practice marketing ( can be found at StrataBlue’s website.

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