Qleanse Revolutionizes the Bathroom Experience by Introducing a Better Way to Wipe Clean

March 09 19:15 2021
This cleansing foam is the perfect partner for toilet paper.

Qleanse provides a safer and more practical bathroom experience by transforming ordinary toilet paper into a truly flushable wet wipe for a fresh and confident clean. With this toilet paper foam spray, people can evolve beyond using dry toilet paper alone and help save the planet with this eco-friendly alternative to wet wipes.

The creators of Qleanse (pronounced “cleanse”) recognized that it didn’t make much sense to use dry toilet paper alone to clean arguably the body’s dirtiest part. They used wet wipes in the past but experienced a costly home repair caused by a sewage back-up from so-called “flushable” wipes. They developed Qleanse as a pragmatic solution to this common problem. Even wet wipes labeled as flushable can cause severe clogs and sewer damage. Worse, many wipes stay in the environment and do not break down for decades. Plumbers and sewer processing plants have complained for years that flushing wipes down the toilet lead to significant clogging.1 Some cities are even looking to limit flushable wipes and are pushing for greater government regulation around the word “flushable.”2

While bidets are becoming more popular, they can be a hassle to install and keep clean, especially if there are multiple bathrooms in the house. Additionally, they can be expensive, require plumbing work to set up, and are not portable. During COVID, there has been increased concern around bio-aerosols from toilets.3 A high-pressure spray at that area can potentially lead to spreading particles into the air and to other parts of the body and toilet.

Although toilet paper by itself provides some level of cleaning, its effectiveness will instantly be enhanced with a little help from Qleanse. Qleanse is specially formulated as a cleansing foam that will not immediately break down the toilet paper. Made out of 99% naturally-derived and plant-based ingredients, the foam is soothing and gentle to the skin. Qleanse is also designed with a unique and convenient caddy holder for one-handed hygienic operation and easy storage.

Qleanse can benefit all bathroom goers, from kids to the elderly, whether in the home or on the go. The company has been particularly thrilled to hear testimonials from customers with medical conditions that either cause frequent trips to the toilet or make multiple wipings difficult.

“I must admit I love this product. I have Crohn’s disease, so bathroom trips are very frequent ugh, so this product is a godsend, and as I told my wife, we will be doing away with the wipes that can clog plumbing,” stated Shaun G, a Qleanse user.

“I’m recovering from chemo and radiation treatment for anal cancer. Let me tell you, this stuff is a GODSEND. NO more wipes, NO more uncomfortable wiping, discomfort is lessened immensely,” stated Casey F, a satisfied customer.

More information can be found at https://qleanse.com.

About Qleanse

Qleanse is an Illinois-based personal care company focused on improving hygiene and environmental sustainability in the bathroom. Their foam spray and caddy transforms ordinary toilet paper into a soothing and 100% flushable wet wipe for a fresh and confident clean.

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