Homescape Pets Launches New Sister Brand Simply Natural Chews for Dogs and Cats: Great for Improved Oral Health and Mental Stimulation

March 09 18:18 2021
Homescape Pets Launches New Sister Brand Simply Natural Chews for Dogs and Cats: Great for Improved Oral Health and Mental Stimulation
Exciting and stimulating single-ingredient, all-natural chews and treats slow-dried to preserve nutrients, fantastic choice to clean teeth and entertain the mind of your cat or dog

Simply Natural Chews is the latest brand offering for Homescape Pets, an Austin, TX based company looking to add to the ways of achieving optimal health for your cat or dog. Through a wide variety of natural chews and rotating proteins, it is possible to keep interest for your pet, reduce or avoid allergies, clean teeth of tartar which can harbor damaging bacteria, and provide an additional source of nutrients your pet may not find in their regular food. Simply Natural Chews provides chews, which are intended to provide oral health benefits and long-lasting mental enrichment and treats, which are intended to provide rich nutrients and easy, on-the-go satisfaction.

Examples of their chews include lamb trachea, duck wings, rolled cow hides, pig ears, beef backstrap, and beef tendons. Treats include beef heart, pork loin jerky, chicken heart, chicken breast jerky, and more.  All chews and treats are slow dried from their farm-fresh, raw forms and have no other added ingredients, flavors, or preservatives. They can be reconstituted by soaking in water to provide fresh flavors and textures out for a picky eater. Cats can also benefit from many of the choices available.

Dental disease is the single most concerning health problem among the common ones affecting companion animals, according to an article in the journal Today’s Veterinary Practice ( conservatively, up to 90% of dogs show some signs of periodontal disease, and 70% of cats by age 2 years. Surprisingly, the reason for the high concern is because periodontal disease contributes heavily to many other serious health issues pets face as they age including jaw fractures, oral cancers, arthritis, renal, hepatic, and cardiac disease. A 2014 study ( from Rutgers University showed that dogs with a raw diet, raw chew bones, and other natural dried chews demonstrated the best results for keeping teeth free of bacterial growth which is the root cause of periodontal disease.

Losing their dog, Beau, to cancer inspired the husband and wife team of Marcus and Nana Pfeifer to create Homescape Pets, their all-natural pet supplement line, in 2017. In turn, that led to them launching Simply Natural Chews in 2020. Simply Natural Chews was born from the concerns about dental health in pets. “The best part about our natural chews and treats is that pets are so excited to get them! How many things can you say are good for your pets that they go crazy for?” Beau was Nana and Marcus’ first dog together. “One of the most significant problems our Beau had were dental issues, due to her neglect before we rescued her. She ultimately lost nearly all of her teeth.” Nana Pfeifer, the creator of Simply Natural Chews continues “Looking back on Beau’s life with us, we feel that supplements wouldn’t have been enough. Healthy chews and treats are extremely important.”

The growth of the pet product industries as a whole is expanding year over year, as has been the trend for some time. According to American Pet Products Association (, of the $95.7 billion Americans spent on pet industries in 2019, pet food and treats were the top expenditures at a whopping $36.9 billion. While estimates for 2020 were a total of around $99 billion to continue the trend, the influence of the pandemic will surely skew the numbers higher with so many pet owners spending greater amounts of time at home with their pets.

Marcus states that his excitement over the founding of the Simply Natural Chews company was from a pleasant surprise. “Our intent was to continue to promote good pet health in a new way, but seeing so many photos and videos of really happy pets have been the highlight.” Natural chews and treats are less likely to damage a pet’s teeth than many other market options and yet still provide enough resistance to provide cleaning action and excellent supplemental nutrition as well. “If you wanna see your dog’s really big wild eyes, give them one of these chews!”

Simply Natural Chews and Treats are made with species-appropriate single ingredients which are slow-dried and ideal for adult and senior dogs and cats. The product lineup is frequently rotated with new options.

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