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March 09 07:55 2021
How does someone know if they have a personal injury case? How much is it really worth?

Valdivia Law Office, is a law office that is different than the rest. The founder Brian Valdivia has worked for the largest personal injury law firms in New York. He quickly became the go to trial attorney, achieving multi-million dollar verdicts on some of the toughest cases. However, it was at these firms that he truly realized how little the firms cared about their clients. He vowed to be a different kind of lawyer. And it shows. Call 516-888-PAIN.

How does someone know if they have a case?

There are always two parts to every case: liability and damages. Liability, or who is at fault for the incident? Damages, or what damage resulted from the incident? This is usually the physical injuries. Both liability and damages must be found in order to have a case.

Under liability, the main question is, did someone fail to do something they were supposed to do? In a rear-end car accident for example, the rear vehicle was following too closely. They were supposed to keep a safer distance.

Under damages, the client, must have an injury that was a result of the incident. Damages is where the value of the case is determined.

If Mr. Rivera tripped over a hole on – say XYZ’s property, fell on his face, and broke his arm; does he have a case? Remember, are both liability and damages present? First, did someone fail to do something they were suppose to do? Yes. XYZ has had a hole on their walkway for years. They were supposed to make sure it was safe for their customers. We have liability. Second, are there damages? Yes. Mr. Rivera has a broken lip and a broken arm. We have damages.

How much money is the case worth?

How much money would you, or the average juror, take to experience everything Mr. Rivera has experienced because of XYZ? The fall itself is a scary, painful and embarrassing experience. A average juror wouldn’t experience that for less than $5,000. The broken lip, lip pain, stitches, 2 doctor’s visits? You’d have to pay them $10,000 for that. Having a broken arm, the pain and loss of use for two months? Make that $25,000. We now have a possible $40,000 dollar case.

Now let’s imagine, Mr. Rivera’s fall was really bad and the doctor says that he has lost 20% of his arm’s mobility for the rest of his life. XYZ’s insurance would have to pay a juror $20,000 every year of the rest of their life to take that 20% of their arm from them! Depending on Mr. Rivera’s age, that’s a big one. $20,000 x 20 years = $400,000. Plus the $40,000 and we now have a $440,000 case.

Now imagine Mr. Rivera is actually Mariano Rivera, who is a professional pitcher for the New York Yankees, and he lost his 15 million dollar per year contract and could never pitch professionally again. Now that changes everything!

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