Wealthy Wife® Academy assists women in discovering the wonderful world of affluent romance

March 09 03:57 2021
Creating a generation of beautiful women, young and older, Wealthy Wife® Academy teaches women how to be their best in reference to the emotional, physical, financial and spiritual aspects of life. Through online courses, live masterclasses and private tutoring, Wealthy Wife® Academy teaches women how to become irresistible & unstoppable.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Women and men are synergetic energy which can work together to create a beautiful life. They can both perform in complementary and harmonious ways to establish and maintain a healthy and wealthy relationship. Wealthy Wife® Academy teaches adult women, young & older, how to enjoy their life to the fullest on their own and within romantic relationships with amazing men. The academy teaches them how to enjoy and experience life, love, and romance in the most exquisite ways. By teaching the art of communication, self-care, true intimacy within relationships and much more, Wealthy Wife® Academy aims to create a generation of beautiful and loving women, who beget and enjoy harmonious prosperous relationships.

Founded and operated by Cyndi Harris aka “Ms. Sofia”, Wealthy Wife® Academy makes sure the women they teach become a Muse. The effective and efficient teachings by Cyndi (Ms. Sofia) offer a top-notch experience for learning. She also emphasizes teaching women the skills for meeting, dating and marrying the right men. Courses include a variety of essential and fun topics while private tutoring is customized to meet the goals and needs of the individual student so, they are offered a more personal and tailored experience.

Cyndi (Ms. Sofia) teaches women how to set their goals with feminine grace. She believes finding love may be easier than what one thinks, especially when one has mastered the art of “calling” their expectations to themselves. She also offers teachings on sensuality to create successful, happy and creative love relationships. Moreover, the academy also teaches the art of self-care. Taking care of one’s own self is the priority, which then teaches others how to adore, cherish and honor you.

Wealthy Wife® Academy helps women to become a Muse. Every woman has hidden talents and a special presence, which are two secret ingredients every woman should realize. Only by accepting and discovering these inner special powers can a woman beautifully bring a man to his knees. By becoming the Muse, any woman can be cherished, adored, and honored by her partner. The academy teaches women to co-create truly intimate relationships. Intimacy and trust are two often overlooked crucial aspects of a healthy relationship, and Wealthy Wife® Academy makes sure women are equipped with the right relationship-building skills.

All the courses at Wealthy Wife® Academy are created with dedication and thorough research. They are designed to be as up-to-date as possible and to teach women everything they need to know to become a unique and positively unforgettable woman. By focusing on different aspects of a woman’s life, Wealthy Wife® Academy teaches women how to create and enjoy loving and successful relationships.

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