Shirkydra Roberts empowers the voices of the voiceless while coaching youth and women

March 09 03:51 2021
Shirkydra Roberts, the CEO and founder of Inspire Aspire Motivate Enterprises is an active speaker, writer, motivator and coach. Her company, IAME focuses on providing coaching and motivation to build production in businesses through leadership development. She also focuses on empowering youth and women while inspiring leadership. She helps people turn their failures into energy, passion and ultimately success. She also believes that God-gifted talents can be discovered through great effort.

USA – Impact Aspire Motivate Enterprises has three main goals incorporated into the name itself. People can inspire others through their own success story and journey while aspiring to become greater than yesterday and motivating others by consistently being positive, ambitious and dedicated; such is the goal of IAME. Founded by Shirkydra Roberts, IAME helps people unlock their true potential by identifying their faults and then turning these faults and past mistakes into energy and power. Thus by harnessing the energy from within, one can achieve great results.

Shirkydra Roberts was born in Dallas, Texas in a troublesome family, where she experienced trauma in her childhood. Despite the unfavorable childhood events, Roberts was saved by God at the age of 20, when she realized how her past could inspire and motivate others around her. She started to see her life experience as a lesson and started teaching people about how they can turn their fears and failures into success. Roberts then went on to write “What’s a Word Worth”, a book of poems based on her life. She then wrote another book “Just Unwrap It”, a life-changing book that urges people to see their hidden talent and to unwrap them.

As a speaker, Shirkydra Roberts inspires by giving hope and heals others through her wise words. She is a leader, who transpires her life experiences and shares them with the world so that they can overcome their fears. She has spoken on a wide array of environments including churches, shelter homes, women conferences, leadership development events and educational institutes such as colleges and high schools. Her speeches are powerful in conveying the meaning of life and teaching others how to leverage their inner self to gain strength.

Aside from being the CEO of her company, Shirkydra Roberts also serves the US Navy as an Engineering Officer. She knows the struggles encompassing the field of Navy through which she empowers her peers. She believes in channeling the negativities of life into positive energy to overcome daily hindrances. One of the attendees of her speaking events said “Shirkydra Roberts spoke at our school’s Veterans Day assembly. She was confident and inspiring. She spoke eloquently about service and being true to oneself. Everyone was impressed by her wisdom. She was gracious and enthusiastic when students asked questions.” With IAME, Roberts works for people to change their lives for the better.

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