The Dennis Sister’s – Kid Actresses and Influencers Offering Free Photoshoots

March 09 03:09 2021
Ziannah and Khaloni Dennis are Social media influencers, actresses, and commercial print models. They currently offer over 7 FREE Photoshoots for kids in all different areas of Georgia.

Ziannah and Khaloni Dennis, also known as The Dennis Sister’s, have inspired and encouraged children their age to sharpen their skills and use their talents. While other children are still playing with their friends, Ziannah Dennis (6 years old) and Khaloni Dennis (4 years old) have had various achievements, both in modeling and the entertainment industry. The Dennis sister’s have appeared and published on billboards, in-store campaigns, magazines, and online radio advertising. All of their achievements are thanks to the blessing and the persistence of their mother, Gbabii, who always stands behind The Dennis Sister’s success.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. The Dennis Sister’s started their path to fame from their Instagram page @the_dennissisters. Theyshare lifestyle pictures, daily activities, hobbies, talents, and many more. From their attractive styles and unique appearances, they started gaining attention, and 5-month-old Ziannah was contacted to attend a commercial casting at that time. The commercial casting was an excellent opportunity for Ziannah.

The Dennis Sister’s mother, Gbabii, explained how her kids get much attention, “I like to take videos of my kids behind scene footage on set by vlogging & posting to their social media. This way they get more attention quickly. My kids are good at posing in front of the camera, and they are great at recording voice overs for products. They can work well with adults and are easy to direct when photo shoot session and voiceover recording in the studio.“

In 2019, The Dennis sister’s mother, Gbabii, and a partner started a mini-series to help build her marketing skills to attract new visitors and grow their followers. Besides, the mini-series are also intended to help other parents break into or build better skills in the modeling & acting industry. “The modeling & acting industry is a huge market industry. Parents who have kids and want to explore the opportunities in the modeling and entertainment industries can follow tips and advice shared in the mini series.”

The mini-series called “Mini models of IG” shares all the necessary tools to become a successful model in the acting, and modeling industry. The series provides a great show for beginners like acting classes, reel footage, voiceover classes, headshots, IMDb credits, and so much more. Additionally, The Dennis sister’s also shared how to get better and bigger opportunities in the modeling and acting industry by building better skills and making resumes to enhance client’s trust. The Dennis sister’s shared everything to get modeling jobs and other opportunities.

The mini-series came to an end in late 2020 after seven episodes. The Dennis Sister’s keep moving forward in their modeling and acting careers. They keep focusing on their acting careers by featuring in films and extras in tv series. They also became a top influencer for many brands and kept participating in several Print Modeling gigs.

Following The Dennis Sister’s success, they now offer FREE Photoshoots (over 7 Free headshots) to other kids in or near Atlanta, GA. They are inspiring the kids to be successful in the modeling and acting industry. Ziannah, Khaloni Dennis, and their mother, Gbabii, will also provide tips and tools to help their kids get involved in the acting & modeling industry and the social media influencer world.

Moreover, they also will give free information on how the girls got into the industry, tips and tricks on how to get the kids into the industry & how to promote children using platforms such as Instagram properly.

About The Dennis Sister’s

The Dennis Sister’s are kid actresses and social media influencers based in Macon, GA. They are professional models and voice artists for several brands. The Dennis Sister’s and their mother, Gbabii, encourage people with kids to take advantage of social media platforms to promote and as a marketing strategy to get more opportunities in the acting and modeling industry.

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