Masks wearing increases beard itch, ZilberHaar claims to solve it

March 09 02:45 2021
Itchy beards is a growing problem but simple steps can relieve the itch without creams or oils.

ZilberHaar, a men’s care brand that specialises in high quality beard brushes claims they have solved the problem that many men with beards suffer from – itchy beards.

The trend of men growing beards over the last decade has been growing and is predicted to grow for the next few years according to analysts. With the pandemic, a lot of men have taken to growing their “COVID beard” or “Pandemic beard” at home.

Every man growing a beard needs to go through the itchy beard phase, once through it it usually isn’t a major issue. However with mask wearing mandatory in most major cities there is a rise in beard itch across the world.

“Beard itch is a growing problem as more people are growing beards. When wearing a mask the beard gets pressed towards the skin, any sharp hairs will cause itch. It is common to think that this comes from dry skin thus one should put beard oil. Actually the first thing one needs to do is brush the beard. A stiff brush that gets through the hairs will provide instant beard itch relief, it also helps air out the beard and remove any dirt, dandruff, dry skin or anything else that can be causing irritation. And by airing it out it removed humidity caused by mask-wearing and helps relieve itch.” said Anica Kath, the co-Founder of ZilberHaar

ZilberHaar has become a name synonymous with quality men’s care, they are the beard brush experts and specialize in quality brushes for men.

According to a survey of ZilberHaar customers, in 2020 one of the most common reasons why men decided to grow a beard was because they were working from home and now had the opportunity to do so compared to working in the office. If this trend is here to stay we don’t know, just like we expect an imminent return to the office is unknown.

Relieving beard itch and discomfort is important for men, especially discomfort around the face which is frequently more sensitive. Instead of jumping for an itch relief cream or oil, try a beard brush and a more natural remedy.

About ZilberHaar

Created in 2014, ZilberHaar has become a global leader in beard brushes and mens hair brushes. All their brushes are made exclusively in Germany and all their products are natural with the least possible use of synthetics materials even in the packaging. ZilberHaar products are exclusively available online on the ZilberHaar website  or at Amazon.

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