Entrepreneur Thomas Jordan Launches Brand New Book Titled “Lead Magnet Mastery”

March 09 02:27 2021
The book teaches readers how to attract a massive amount of customers without losing time and money.

In every business, customers are essential. However, customers won’t buy a product or service if it’s not marketed well. To fill in the gap between a brand and its customers, entrepreneur Thomas Jordan recently launched his brand new book titled “Lead Magnet Mastery.” In the book, Jordan guides business owners, startups, and people who like to think differently about how to build a solid customer base and more.

Jordan has been an entrepreneur for more than 14 years. Today, he continues to run multiple successful businesses in five different industries. With his business expertise, he created the Expand Yourself Training Academy where he helps employees to start their own business. The academy also guides entrepreneurs to expand their existing businesses.

Jordan’s extensive experience in building businesses led him to become an expert in lead generation, social media, online marketing, and structuring business models.

Jordan’s book “Lead Magnet Mastery” is instructive. It has a step-by-step guide on how to find and create the right lead magnet for a business. It also provides resources on how to identify a customer, build a persona with pain points, and provide solutions. Jordan also explains what a lead magnet is as well as the easy online tools and landing page strategies that a business in the digital era needs to learn. He also teaches readers how to capture e-mail addresses and increase a brand’s exposure during Google searches.

The book also goes beyond the subject of lead magnet marketing. In this part, Jordan discusses tips and tricks to strengthen the business mindset that will put a business owner firmly on the road to success.

Feedback for the “Lead Magnet Mastery” book has completely endorsed the material, its approach, and depth. Nathalie D. from Switzerland shared, “Lead Magnet Mastery gives you a great overview of a very underestimated tool to attract leads and build trust with your prospects. Tom’s point of view is unique because he does not limit this strategy to the information and teaching industry but extends it to every industry where building trust and likeability by adding value is necessary. In short, it’s a must-read for business owners, startups, and people who like to think differently.”

Silke H. from Spain said, “This book helped me enormously to bring clarity and structure in the process of building my online business. Anybody feeling lost in the jungle of information overload and wanting to save time and money in building and optimizing their online business can benefit from this.”

For more information on Jordan’s book and get one, be sure to visit http://book.leadmagnet.guide.

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Thomas Jordan is an international business coach and mentor. After successfully putting up five businesses, he created the Expand Yourself Training Academy to help people start their businesses and expand their existing businesses beyond their limits. Today, he continues to help passionate people earn extra income with their experience and skills within 90 days, without quitting their job.

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