Rethink Human Potential To Create Reality With The Mind.

March 09 02:10 2021
This common mistake puts your happiness in danger.

Many people think they know the law of attraction. And when their deepest wishes, dreams, and desires don’t manifest, they tell themselves “oh it will just happen in the future, my time is not ready yet.” They believe that holding onto the desire will help it manifest. However, this only prevents the person from realizing their dream

They keep visualizing the car, money, intercourse, relationship. They try to be optimists and speak out loud affirmations while making eye contact with their reflection. But this only reinforces the idea of lack. Saying “I’m not afraid,” is the same as saying “I am afraid” because using the word “afraid” holds the meaning of the worry that something undesirable will occur or be done. This brings the image of “afraid” into the subconscious mind- the unconscious part of the mind that holds memories, core beliefs, and identity. The proper way to step out of reality A, and enter reality B; is by changing the words used to describe the world. Vocabulary cast a magic spell, hence the word ‘spelling.’

The conscious and purposeful use of words causes you to change the way you see things. And “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” This is because where attention goes energy flows.

People must use his/her speaking faculties to create a sound vibration that matches the word intended to use. For example, it is possible to differentiate between a confident person, an arrogant person, and an insecure person. Their body positioning, vocabulary, voice tone, and actions tell you about their personality. “Your personality is your personal reality. So to change your personal reality, consciously speak like the frequency/vibration of words you want to become.” (i.e. courageous, Lazor-like, a clear communicator). – Ivan Alejandro Acosta

Mr. Ivan A Acosta is a personal reality coach based in Austin Texas. He’s the author of the book “Command Respect: Learn to Set Boundaries Using Consciousness, Psychology, & The Law of Attraction.” And the host of The Better Man Podcast.

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