Telspace Systems Recommends Red Teaming As A Cybersecurity Measure For Mature Organisations

March 09 01:55 2021
Telspace Systems Recommends Red Teaming As A Cybersecurity Measure For Mature Organisations

South Africa Company and customer data are always at risk, so organisations must prepare for attacks. To do this effectively, they need support from reliable security partners . 

Telspace Systems is a professional information security services company that has been in operation for about two decades. The company offers various security assessment services of which one is Red Teaming engagements.  A Red Team is a more holistic, objective-based, and realistic security test of an organisation’s security posture. 

Not every company is ready for a red team, in particular those that have not conducted any sort of vulnerability assessment and/or penetration test or that are yet to do the basics right such as asset, vulnerability and password management.  However, those companies that have a more mature security posture should carry out Red Teaming engagements as it’s the most holistic security assessment, that involves a more realistic simulation and measures incidence response and detection capabilities of the entity i.e. to measure how a company would fair against a real-world attacker.

The full-scope and multi-layered attack simulation testing will expose a company’s vulnerabilities, risks with regards to people, technology, process and includes physical environments. 

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Security breaches worldwide are on the increase, causing companies to lose a lot of money, customer data and reputational damages. According to Varonis and Juniper, the average cost of a data breach was around 3.86 million USD in 2020. Currently, the global cost of data breaches is 3 trillion USD, which is expected to increase to 5 trillion USD by 2024. That is why every organization must take the necessary security measures and prepare against imminent attacks. 

Working with an information security specialist company such as Telspace Systems with years of experience and expertise is the right step to take. The organisation understands the security risks in the world today, and they have the tools, expertise, qualified workforce and relevant resources to help clients deal with them. Telspace Systems are professionals in designing unique scenarios for testing and implementing Red Teaming engagements to help organisations secure their data and the information of their clients. Their Red Teams are advanced simulations of real-life attacks.

Red team engagements are designed to expose holes in a company’s defence systems or incident response procedures. Since 95% of security breaches are caused by human error(IBM research), red teaming provides a playbook to improve the defence of companies against future attacks. 

Telspace Systems has a team of highly trained security experts to enact realistic scenarios to reveal human, process, hardware, physical, and / or software vulnerabilities. They provide re-testing and remediation assistance at a later stage to ensure the security controls have been implemented effectively . 

Clients are provided with a third party, unbiased view of their security posture over a stipulated period of time, usually this includes very few stakeholders knowing about the engagement to ensure that it is a very realistic type of assessment. Thereafter, a report is provided with recommendations of remediation guidance to report weakness and close security holes. 

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