Devlin Macgregor Pharmaceuticals Announces Three new products for Q1-2021, Including Provasic

March 09 01:01 2021

Devlin Macgregor Pharmaceuticals is a Chicago based, world-class leading pharmaceutical and human-biosciences based research, development, and manufacturing organization that specializes in targeted drug therapeutics and specialized sub-genomic drug delivery systems.

This past Monday, Devlin Macgregor announced the upcoming general availability of three new products during the first quarter of 2021,

  • Provasic®, the groundbreaking blood lipid harmonizer and arterial-plaque eliminating formulation, now as once-daily, 120 mg. extended release dosage
  • Narcogesic™ – a safe and effective two-part, epoxy-polymer based opioid pain management protocol for rectal administration.
  • Solarresti®, the first approved mRNA blocker and cellular-barrier-inducing topical titration, protecting against all current mRNA based COVID-19 vaccines.

Utilizing Devlin Macgregor’s unique patented Advanced Molecular Delivery System™ (AMDS) allows Provasic ® to achieve near one hundred percent efficacy, without side effects typically experienced with peer therapeutics.

Charles Nichols MD, Chief Medical Officer at Devlin Macgregor explains:

“Provasic represents not only and new generation of pharmaceutical treatment protocols, but rather a whole new paradigm for drug based therapeutics. For the past four centuries of human pharmaceutical history, the prevailing message and line-of-thinking has been ‘every drug has side effects’. To smash this barrier we must first facilitate the elimination of side effects by any means required, then, and only then, may we focus on optimizing the efficacy of treatment for the underlying disease. I cannot adequately express just how significant Provasic is for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, but more importantly, for the advancement of human medicine in whole. For the first time in the history of commercial drug development are we able to introduce a drug therapy with one hundred percent efficacy – and most importantly, one with absolutely no side effects.”

Devlin Macgregor also developed and manufactures NarcoGesic®, the only prescription pain management system utilizing an efficient two-part epoxy-polymer compound for rectal use, that when hardened, offers a unique, up to 180  hours extended release of a powerful opioid through the intestinal mucosa. Narcogesic® has been developed from the ground up to be tamper resistant with safe, easy, and inexpensive self administration by the patient.

Solarresti™ is the topically applied, prescription-only titrate from Devlin Macgregor introduced in January 2021 that offers fortified protection against all current mRNA based vaccine formulations, facilitating a protective Lipase-Polytetrafluoroethylene (Lipid-Teflon) barrier on the outer cell membrane of all cells, completely blocking all currently approved, single and two-dose COVID-19 vaccines that utilize mRNA based delivery systems. Solarresti™ is recommended for use in Adults and children three years and older only.


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