Preston Buhrmaster And Austin Verde Pair To Launch Weekly Market Report

March 09 00:49 2021

New York, US – Venerated Capital Group is pleased to announce and welcome Austin Verde as an Investment Analyst Intern. Austin will be working alongside the company’s Lead Analyst, Preston Buhrmaster to create a Weekly Market Report aimed to provide essential news paired with their specialized analysis of the markets. Verde is currently pursuing a degree in Economics at Binghamton University and brings a plethora of unique skills to the table in joining Venerated Capital Group. He boasts an impressive background indicating his dedication to and keen insight in the financial markets. The duo plans to initially distribute their Weekly Market Report exclusively to members of The Investors Institution by VCG Trading.

“Austin initially applied for the position of Sales Associate and when we spoke, it was clear that he had the skills and expertise to leave a much bigger impact in a more advanced role within the company. His passion for trading and his undeniable work ethic matched perfectly our core values. I am thrilled to add Austin and his many skills to the team,” Buhrmaster stated. Shortly after Verde took the role of Investment Analyst, him and Buhrmaster crafted the idea of creating a Weekly Market Report to provide to members of The Investors Institution. The idea quickly evolved as the pair took to creating and releasing their first Weekly Market Report within a week of Verde officially joining the company.

The Weekly Market Report is set to provide key insight tailored to specific markets as well as vital business, global and political news that will aid investors in making decisions in the coming week. The report is also said to provide charting and analysis as well as potential trade ideas from both Buhrmaster and Verde. Their analysis covers the US Stock Market, the Foreign Exchange Market, Cryptocurrency and Commodities. “The Weekly Market Report will be continually improving as we learn from the feedback, we receive each week. We aim to make the report accessible to everyone in the near future though we are keeping it exclusive to the Investors Institution for the time being,” Buhrmaster shared. To gain access to the company’s exclusive Weekly Market Report before the general public, you can join the Investors Institution for only $47 today. A link to the Venerated Capital Group website will be provided below.

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About Venerated Capital Group:

Venerated Capital Group (VCG Trading), is an institution that helps individuals achieve financial freedom by equipping them with skills and strategies, leading them to success. VCG Trading is dubbed as “The Investors Institution” because it has produced competent investors over the years, whether they are college students or seasoned working professionals. Preston Buhrmaster specializes in providing the industry standards and practical knowledge his students can use to dominate the trading market. Under Buhrmaster’s leadership, VCG Trading has become a “one-stop hub for all things investing.

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Learn to become a confident and consistent trader today. Every student in The Investors Institution is given a huge edge up in the markets through superior insight, analysis and education. What separates VCG from the rest is that its students earn while they learn.

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