Asia Forex Mentor Develops Trade Rescue Services For Traders With At-Risk Accounts

March 09 00:19 2021
Asia Forex Mentor Develops Trade Rescue Services For Traders With At-Risk Accounts
In this volatile trading environment, some traders are finding themselves in a difficult situation. Asia Forex Mentor has developed trade rescue services for open trading accounts that are in the red, and has seen positive results for a number of traders.

Recently, the foreign exchange markets have been quite volatile. While many traders have seen positive results for their efforts, there are still a significant number of traders who are finding it difficult to stay afloat. This can result in a number of problems for traders and could result in the loss of millions of dollars over time.

Traders who are in the red may be looking for ways to save my trading account from blowing. Blowing is, in short, completely losing everything in the account – there’s no money left at all. That’s where Ezekiel Chew steps in. Chew has started to run a service that he calls “Trade Rescue Operation.”

Well known for his work as a forex mentor and trader, Chew has been in the business for close to two decades. He uses a variety of techniques in order to take a close look at trading accounts and see what he can do in order to prevent them from blowing entirely.

Even expert traders get into situations where they’re about to blow an account, and they aren’t sure what to do to prevent it. Chew claims that being disconnected from the situation and using an “only the facts” approach puts him in a position where he can recover some, if not all, of the losses.

Coined as the ‘trade doctor’, Chew states that “However, as a 3rd party, I go in with a clear mind. Like a surgeon operating with a precise plan. I am not emotionally attached to it, so I will run the best possible outcome for such situations.” 

His website shares one of the Trade Rescue Operations that Chew performed for an individual named Craig. Chew did a full evaluation of Craig’s trading account and deemed that it was salvageable. Chew then used his knowledge of the market and executed a plan that was intended to assist Craig and get those accounts back into the black.

The case study of Craig is an example of Chew’s expertise. According to Chew, “Every trade scenario is different just as every pair moves differently. Trade rescue missions require in-depth expertise and precision to pull off these challenging missions.”

Chew plans to continue offering Trade Rescue Operations for individuals who are looking to get out of difficult trading accounts through 2021 and beyond.

Asia Forex Mentor was founded by Ezekiel Chew and has been designed to be a resource for people just getting started in the Forex Market. Chew is known for making 6 figures a trade and trains both banks and trading institutions. More information about the services and resources available via Asia Forex Mentor can be found at the Asia Forex Mentor website, located at

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