Austin Trauma Therapy Center Provides Effective, Inclusive-Ethical Therapies to Treat Depression, Anxiety, PTSD

March 08 22:18 2021
Austin Trauma Therapy Center is a trusted therapist in Austin that provides therapeutic services to treat trauma symptoms from depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

According to announcements released by Austin Trauma Therapy Center, the team of qualified and professional therapists and counselors assist clients on a journey toward wellness. 

These therapists in Austin addresses issues faced by couples, adults, and adolescents. This trauma therapy center firmly believes that there is no single right way to live. It’s vital to have a nuanced understanding of the family and cultural systems that govern an individual’s lifestyle. 

Mental health professionals at this center are available to discuss a client’s needs. Depression counselors at this center can help clients deal with this common and serious mood disorder. More than 16 million Americans deal with depression. This center enables people to get back to a healthy and normal life through specialized therapy and counseling. 

The trained EMDR therapists at this center use this intervention to help adults and adolescents reprocess traumatic events, such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, violence, personal crises, or accidents. Internal Family Systems (IFS) help individuals overcome personality disorders from painful emotions. People with multiple sub-personalities have different personas that act together to protect the individual from the pain associated with disturbing experiences. IFS heals wounded personas or parts by cleansing them of extreme reactions and encouraging personas that trust and are more given to forgiveness and a desire to leading a more prosperous life. 

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Austin Therapy Center said, “Anxiety often develops in relation to everyday concerns such as health, loss, injury, shame, aggression, or guilt. An anxiety disorder (or disorders) can cause wide-ranging mental and physical symptoms for clients, including excessive worry, apprehension, and tension. Learning to control anxiety can be quite challenging. If you’re one of the 40 million American adults living with an anxiety disorder (or disorders), you may constantly feel on edge or always worried about something to the point where it disrupts your life. The good news, counseling & treatment can help your anxiety. Our Austin therapists can employ numerous anxiety treatment methods, including but not limited to cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT). Let ATTC help you today.”

On Trauma-Informed Yoga, Austin Trauma Therapy Center said, “Trauma-Informed yoga (TIY) or Trauma Conscious Yoga Therapy is an approach to creating a safe, sensitive space in which students can learn regulation skills through connection with the breath and increased body awareness.

Trauma-Informed Yoga can be a supportive practice that helps trauma survivors recalibrate the nervous system and heal. However, some yoga classes can trigger students and re-traumatize students. Trauma-Informed Yoga can help rewire the brain and body to feel safe when the class is taught in a trauma-sensitive way. 

Survivors are more likely to experience hyperarousal, hypervigilance, and increased stress hormones. Since trauma is stored viscerally, working with body movement is key to learning self-regulation skills.”

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Austin Trauma Therapy Center fosters trauma resilience in clients to shed the baggage from traumatic experiences from physical and mental abuse. It offers therapeutic services such as EMDR therapy, DBT therapy, Internal Family Systems, etc.

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