Commercial & Industrial Epoxy Flooring Services Announced

March 08 21:46 2021
Commercial & Industrial Epoxy Flooring Services Announced
Rhode Island Repair in Johnston, Rhode Island, recently publicized their new state-of-the-art epoxy flooring services.

Rhode Island – March 8, 2021 – Commercial and industrial customers in the Johnston, RI area have just been notified of epoxy flooring services offered by the Rhode Island Repair company.

Epoxy flooring is a revolutionary floor product that provides essential benefits to industrial and commercial business owners.   

Commercial and industrial facilities typically have concrete floors. Over time, these bare concrete floors become a liability.  The concrete slab is subject to freezing and thawing of the ground beneath it. Frost heave leads to cracks. Dirt settles in the gaps, and the floor becomes impossible to clean.

If the company deals with corrosive chemicals, over time, the concrete will become pitted. Most people don’t realize it, but concrete is porous.  Moisture can get into it. Wherever moisture lives, bacteria lives.  This can lead to employee allergies because it is challenging to clean the floor thoroughly.  

Rhode Island Repair company can provide commercial and industrialepoxy flooring services that make the production floor or the warehouse floor more practical and safer.

Epoxy flooring goes on as a liquid and then dries to a smooth surface.  Since it starts as a liquid, it fills in minor cracks, pitting, roughness, and minor defects in the concrete floor.  It is extremely easy to keep clean.  

There are so many different kinds of industrial epoxy flooringservices that a commercial customer can find exactly which services they need.  

For example, companies who manufacture computer parts are required to do their work in a cleanroom.  Epoxy floors are perfect for cleanrooms.  They are the easiest floor to clean since they are totally smooth.  

If a company is building a new retail outlet, there will be yards and yards of flooring to be laid.  The building will probably be built on a concrete slab. Suppose the company is a relatively high-end type of company like an expensive jewelry store or an expensive antique shop.  In that case, they can choose an epoxy floor that is also beautiful.   

Modern epoxy floors can have colored sand mixed into them, which makes a lovely floor.  Some epoxy floors can have flakes of pigment mixed in to create a striking design.  

There are also epoxy floors that are made to resist chemicals.  Industrial customers who are chemical manufacturers would be wise to invest in this type of epoxy floor.  A business that runs a commercial kitchen would also get good results with chemical-resistant epoxy floors.  

Since epoxy floors are applied as a liquid and dry completely flat, some customers may be worried about slips and falls. Rhode Island Repair wants everyone to know that epoxy floors are not slick. Epoxy floors can be coated with a non-slip coating that will prevent slips and falls.  

About Rhode Island Repair

Rhode Island Repair has been providing flooring services to the greater Providence RI metro area since 1980.  They specialize in epoxy flooring, concrete repairs, and waterproofing services.  They are located west of Providence, off Route 6.

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