Luxury Bag Display USA – Premium Storage & Display solution for Designer Handbags and Purses

March 08 19:39 2021
Luxury Bag Display launches display cases that revolutionize storage and care of designer bags.

Bag lovers struggling to find an answer to the question of how to best protect and store their precious bag collection have finally found a solution in the launch of Luxury Bag Display (LBD).

Investment Bags are not only a fashion statement, it’s also a smart financial move. Many bags tend to hold their value over time, while some are even considered a better investment than stocks. Hence, the need to protect precious designer bags has become even more important. Prior to the launch of LBD, luxury bags are either displayed unprotected from dust and moisture or are hidden in dust bags or boxes. Many believe neither one is acceptable.

Luxury bag display cases provide the best of both worlds – bags are seen and admired housed inside top-quality acrylic thereby making outfit decisions also a cinch. At the same time, one can be confident that the bag is also protected from the elements. Nothing transforms a room more elegantly than a beautiful bag collection housed in premium cases like they are works of art.

In addition to the obvious benefit of a clear case, LBD’s are designed with details that meticulous bag owners would appreciate. The cases are sized to the dimensions of iconic designer bags which ensures a custom-fit. Its PATENTED design includes ventilation vents that double as handles, allowing for air circulation. This is important in storing anything leather since leather needs to “breathe”. Strap hooks are cleverly placed on the lids to off-load strap or hardware pressure on the leather, preventing storage marks or dents. These hooks also allow the bags to sit upright and make them easy to display. LBD also provides accessories that allow one to display the case beautifully on the wall. Since moisture is the nemesis of leather, each case comes with an eco-friendly, reusable desiccant, that changes colors to indicate moisture saturation and the need to be recharged (by microwaving).

Bag lovers are raving about the beauty, convenience, and practicality of storing designer bags in LBD cases instead of dust bags, and thousands have already made the switch. This simple but innovative product is designed for a real Bag Aficionado and is sure to be the standard in the care and storage of designer bags going forward.

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