Author T. K. Lucaith Releases Novel “Aspen: A Love Story” to Rave Reviews

March 08 13:50 2021
Author T. K. Lucaith Releases Novel "Aspen: A Love Story" to Rave Reviews

Marc and Susan are from different worlds but have one commonality: emotional baggage.
T. K. Lucaith uses knowledge and experience in love to author the new book “Aspen: A Love Story.”

Las Vegas, NV, USA – March 8, 2021 – For author T. K. Lucaith, writing a novel was never at the forefront. Lucaith says, “I have always done a lot of writing, but it was technical. I was in the finance industry so the decision to write was part of the job. I am very creative, always full of ideas. So, it only seemed natural to write for pleasure. I love happy stories.” The feeling of new love or the rekindling of old love just feels good according to Lucaith and she loves the romance genre. When asked what inspired her to write “Aspen: A Love Story,” Lucaith says, “Well, I think Colorado, and especially Aspen, is great. The mountain setting just inspires love.” Published by Bookbaby on March 4, 2021, “Aspen: A Love Story” has already received great reviews and has all the makings to become a bestseller.


Aspen – A Love Story
T. K. Lucaith

“Nothing is more dangerous to love’s future than past emotions.”

Marc and Susan are from different worlds but have one commonality: emotional baggage.

Having lost his wife and business partner of twenty-plus years, Marc struggles to find purpose in life. Living on proceeds from selling his company, Marc has little financial sense for money’s value; however, soon after moving to Colorado, this reckless streak is destined to change when he meets Susan.

Educated and wise, Susan has always lived a comfortable yet ordinary existence. Upon meeting Marc their connection is strong, but Marc’s financial indifference proves a source of increasing conflict. Furthermore, Susan herself is haunted. The dark relationships left behind have found a way back into her world, as moving away doesn’t always equate to truly moving on.

When Susan’s daughter is made a pawn by her vengeful ex, Marc’s money may indeed make all the difference, … can newfound love withstand the emotional rollercoaster?  

Romantic, intellectual, emotive, and inspiring.

A story for the mind and soul — both disciplined and free.

Peggy rated it an emotional rollercoaster… Aspen is a romantic and heart-touching book written by T. K. Lucaith. This book caught my interest in the very beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. The writing style is alluring and intrinsic yet simple. The first half of the novel is a slow read and the second half is absolutely fast with unexpected twists. The story flows smoothly, and, in the midst, surprising turns are taking place. The writer creates huge thunderbolts in the reader’s mind making the reader glued to the story. This is not only a story, but also conveys some pieces of advice to our lives. Communication is a key for a successful relationship; we might lose precious moments, people in our lives because of our dumbness. I invite all the readers to turn the pages of Aspen, as you will not regret the decision

About the Author

T. K. Lucaith –  A hopeless romantic since the teenage years T. K. embarked on several relationships only to find emptiness in the end. Finally, the last of those relationships bore the fruit of true love, and after many years they are still together more in love than ever before. These relationships, along with a diversified work background, have provided T. K. with vast knowledge from which to draw upon for character and story development. T. K. has a passion for good food and great wine while enjoying a really good love story. T. K. and family, which include two very spoiled cats, live in the Southwestern US. For public appearances, interviews, and book signings contact the author directly.

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