Developing Elite Executive Teams With Dwaine Canova

March 08 16:07 2021

It is time for a web-based suite of tools expressly designed to elevate executive leadership performance. Zynity Leadership™ is for executive leadership teams, what a CRM is for sales teams, and an ERP is for operations. The use of technology always increases productivity, performance, and outcomes.

The executive leadership team drives an organization’s strength. Dwaine Canova invested many years creating and leading successful companies and their executive teams. These experiences inspired him to develop Zynity Leadership™, a revolutionary executive leadership system. The Zynity system consists of a proprietary methodology, a web-based suite of tools, and certified coaches to empower good executive teams to become elite executive teams.

Canova says, “Leading and managing an organization is difficult and complex. Using a system brings order and structure to the complexity without becoming a bureaucracy. The promise is: as executive teams improve using their executive leadership system, they accelerate the performance and outcomes of their management and operating systems.”

The Zynity system enhances performance for two groups: executive teams and executive coaches. Executive coaches need a methodology and web-based tools to improve their process of developing individuals and their teams. The tools guide collecting, presenting and sharing the organization’s leadership information. Coaches engage individuals and facilitate team interactions a few times each month (virtually). 

Coaches are essential to get the full benefit of the system. “How you work as part of a team is more important than how you work as an individual, especially for leaders. Organizations are learning a lesson from the sports world. Executive teams that engage a knowledgeable coach with a proven system raise their level of performance and outperform their competition,” says Canova. 

Executive teams use the Zynity solution to overcome the negatives of siloes, busyness for busy’s sake, and avoid getting bound up in the details. The solution guides keeping clarity about the big picture and connecting the executive team at their thinking level. Once connected and aligned at the thinking level, it is easier to collaborate with different viewpoints, ideas, and opinions: An elite executive team gets ignited.

Founder and CEO, Dwaine Canova, began his career teaching computer programming at the US Military Academy at West Point and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania while completing his MBA. He has designed and developed software, web-based tools, and processes to lead and grow companies throughout his career. His largest company grew from napkin drawings to 3,000 employees in five countries. He has helped organizations of all sizes distinguish themselves with exceptional technology, processes, reporting, and leadership. Time and time again, he recognized the significant lack of a systematic approach to executive leadership within companies. His executive leadership system evolved from these experiences. 

The spark of creating the executive leadership system grew from the need for a structured process to engage, guide, and develop executive teams. Canova and his team dedicated many years to create and provide this proprietary system as a web-based suite of tools that companies can access in real-time worldwide. The use of the Zynity Leadership™ solution becomes an organization’s foundation for its executive leadership system.

Canova says, “The system doesn’t teach new leadership concepts and principles. It provides the structure and discipline for leaders to apply their leadership concepts and principles with more discipline. It also makes it easier to adopt the new and great leadership concepts and principles available in the market today. The system helps leadership keep the big picture in mind in all of their thinking and decisions. The framework and processes accelerate scalability and extend the life of organizations.”

Many great leadership principles inspire Canova. They include those that promote servant leadership, vulnerability, compassion, empathy, respect, empowerment, and other essential values. The Zynity Leadership™ system (methodology – technology – coach) unites the heart, structure, discipline, and guidance. Executive teams need only add their passion, commitment, and diligence. 

“Zynity’s interactive real-time tools enhance how individuals in executive teams engage, collaborate, and perform. Elite executive teams create exceptional performance through their ongoing ability to connect and align their thinking, attitudes, and motives. The outcome includes accelerated growth, increased performance, and value creation. Elites create an environment supporting lives in a collaborative community while guiding operational excellence,” says Canova. 

According to Canova, “Individuals in executive leadership roles must be deliberate at making time for essential leadership activities. The amount of time required for leadership increases as the organization grows and as individuals assume responsibility for more people and processes. A company’s success is dependent on the executive team’s leadership capabilities, capacities, and character. Setting goals and pressing daily to exceed them is an important management function. However, elite executive teams also innovate, create a positive community and an inspiring culture in which all individuals are encouraged and treated with compassion, empathy, and respect. Elite is really about creating a company environment and community where everyone’s hearts, minds, and lives are the executive teams’ premier leadership issue. They attract, retain, inspire, and accelerate the performance and contributions of talented individuals.”

To reach an even broader audience, Canova’s latest book, Elite Executive Teams, aims to help executive teams achieve growth, performance, and value through structure, discipline, and guidance. The book can help implement the Zynity system or stand on its own to educate and equip leaders worldwide. 

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