Dr. Robert W. Sheffield Discusses Technique and Advantages of Liquid Rhinoplasty Procedure During Patient Consiultations

March 08 08:46 2021
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Nowadays, plastic surgeons use hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers to change nose’ shape. Through this Liquid Rhinoplasty technique, doctors camouflage the problem and make the appearance of the nose perfect. Dr. Robert Sheffield shares the insight of this liquid nose job. The medical spa follows CDC guidelines including social distancing and entry protocols.

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is the surgical alternative to correct the patient’s nose, giving their facial appearance symmetrical balance. Dr. Robert Sheffield uses both minimally invasive rhinoplasty surgical technique and injectable liquid rhinoplasty too. The use of non-surgical rhinoplasty Santa Barbara changes how nose surgery is done, and most patients are opting for this safer technique.

In the words of Dr. Robert Sheffield, owner of SB Aesthetics Medical Spa, “Previously, the only way to correct the nose of the patient was to conduct the rhinoplasty procedure. It involved the incision inside the nose to correct the issues like nasal deformities, breathing problems, and nasal trauma injuries. Over time, things have changed, and now the surgeons are using the liquid rhinoplasty technique to alter the shape of the nose and provide the best aesthetic look to the patients. So, now the surgeons are using the HA or Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, but more specifically another type of filler called Radiesse to correct the tip of the nose and smooth the bumpy nose bridge.”

He further explains this technique is perfect for the patient looking for small changes. This technique’s result lasts for 6-12 months. If the patient does not like the new look, then he can wait till the filler dissolve. Also, some patients who want to trial their new look can go for this non-surgical treatment. Radiesse dermal filler lasts about 2 years, but it is not reversible like the HA fillers.  However, Dr. Sheffield doesn’t recommend going for this treatment repeatedly because excess filler can make the surgery difficult in the future. 

For a healthy patient, liquid rhinoplasty can provide the immediate results quickly without any side effects. Dr. Robert W. Sheffield carries this procedure right in his office and injects the filler around the curve of the crooked nose or the dorsal hump to hide the problem area perfectly and give it a refined look. It will provide the patient’s nose a thinner and refined appearance without any surgery or scarring. Even Botox can be used along with the liquid rhinoplasty technique to lift the patient’s nose.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Offered by Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, MD – Plastic Surgery Santa Barbara

Liquid Rhinoplasty helps give a natural touch to the nose with the effect of this HA-based filler lasting somewhere between six to twelve months, and with Radiesse, 2 years. It is advised to come up for the follow-up to get saved from the injectables’ adverse impact.

Dr. Sheffield recommends a rhinoplasty procedure only because the fillers’ excess use can make the permanent surgery more difficult.

He chooses only those candidates for liquid rhinoplasty who want to check their nose’s aesthetics and how it goes with their facial features. But, the candidates who are allergic to injectables are not administered this surgery. Rhinoplasty Santa Barbara is mainly done for patients born with nose deformity, unhappy with their physical appearance, or witnessing aging factors. With this procedure, the balance of their nose and face is restored.

About Dr. Robert W. Sheffield

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield is a Santa Barbara-based plastic surgeon who uses a minimally invasive technique to correct the patients’ facial appearance. He restores the natural look using the tumescent anesthesia procedure. For more details, contact SB Aesthetics at https://sbaesthetics.com/

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