21-Year-Old Entrepreneur Goes From Being Broke To Earning A 6-Figure Income Trading Online

March 08 08:30 2021
Successful entrepreneur, Rhys Minett, continues to disrupt the online trading space managed to clear a 6 Figure income equalling around $13,000 every month at the age of 21

Rhys Minett is making the headlines for all the good reasons, as he goes from being a broke 19-year-old to becoming a certified FTMO trader managing thousands of dollars. The story of Rhys is inspirational, to say the least, considering the feat he has been able to achieve in a relatively short while, particularly in the face of challenges that would ordinarily have swayed him away from his goals.

Financial freedom or stability remains a goal that millions of people across the globe, irrespective of their age group or gender strive to achieve. Unfortunately, a majority of people never get to live this dream due to several factors. The same cannot be said about Rhys Minett, as the passionate young entrepreneur defied all odds, including his humble beginning to rise above average.

Rhys is an ambitious 21-year old entrepreneur from South Wales who has been in the business and trading industry for a little over a year. The former bus and truck mechanic turned around his fortunes and that of his family within five months, quitting his job to pursue his entrepreneurial dream. The feat achieved by Rhys Minett is an inspiration and motivation for millions of people worldwide, especially youths who are currently in an undesirable state.

The hardworking Rhys took the bold step to sacrifice all that was necessary to make his dream come true, joining the BE company in October 2020, a decision that will change his life forever. Within 6 weeks of partnering with BE, he could boast of about $13,000 monthly earning when he was only 21 years old. He has gone on to clear a 6-figure income trading FOREX, and now manages a capital of about $100,000.

The creative success-oriented Rhys has grown to become a renowned entrepreneur and leader who seeks to share his knowledge and journey to success with as many people as possible using various platforms. The visionary aims to show the world that there is more to life than a 9 to 5 and he has done remarkably well in this regard.

Staying true to his slogan – “If it’s not me, then who?” Rhys Minett is not only the first 6 figure earner in his family history but also a motivation to his loved ones looking to create sustainable generational wealth.

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