Meet the 26 Year-Old Asset Manager Disrupting the World of Finance

March 06 19:09 2021
Meet the 26 Year-Old Asset Manager Disrupting the World of Finance
Original story by Rebecca Mardikes

Meet Hunter Watts, the son of a fourth-generation oil family, who became a self-made financial consultant at the ripe age of 18. Watts was early to identify his life mission, skill sets, and code of ethics. Working tirelessly to create an idea on how to merge all three pillars together, Watts developed a successful consultative asset management career that allows him to help others and make a strong impact in today’s unforgiving financial industry.

The exponential rise into financial greatness started on year one for Hunter, raising over $3.3 million within thirty days. That would only be the beginning as the budding finance consultant would be responsible for another $12 million by 2015. Watts, with a clear vision of where he wants to be and what will take him there, today, has built a trustworthy and noteworthy consultancy, which allows him to help others experience true financial freedom.

Since 2016, Hunter Watts has built a solid base of large clients, mostly dealing with multimillion-dollar corporations. He provides advisory consultation to shareholders, board members, and boardroom executives to grow their investments effectively.

When asked for his “why” Watts replied, “The average person has been gate-kept from their true potential of a fulfilled and free life; my heart is to reverse that.” Watts said, “There has been over a century of misinformation trying to convince the American public that you become ‘free’ or ‘wealthy’ if you just work hard enough. There isn’t a ‘free’ or ‘wealthy’ individual on earth who prioritized hard work over smart work.”

“My heart belongs to helping others,” shared Hunter Watts. “My passion to actively reverse oppression has fueled me to start a fire in the finance community.” He is quick to point to the bombing of Black Wall Street and the Rosewood Massacre as two events that spur righteous anger. “What we have seen throughout modern history is an overt and violent attempt to silence, oppress, and trample people of color, starting in their wallets. I refuse to allow this to continue as the norm,” said Watts.

The senior investment expert is gearing up for even more growth and significant impact as he aims his sights toward private investment. In June 2020, Hunter partnered with Ezell Taylor and his company EDT Financial to empower and enrich first-generation investors. To date, Watts has facilitated over $68 million; with EDT Financial, Hunter hopes to take that even further as the tandem looks to reach $4 billion by 2025.

Hunter Watts is driven by a desire to create generational change in the world of finance. He continues to champion for those who don’t have a voice by being that voice for them until they have the tools to find their own.

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