Locust Grove AC repairman cautions about AC units being stolen

March 06 05:04 2021
Locust Grove AC repairman cautions about AC units being stolen

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Steve Cassell from JSC Enterprises of Locust Grove Georgia to share some ideas to protect your air conditioning condensers.

Empty, abandoned and homes that are not sold yet are in danger of having their climate control system units from being taken. Thieves come in and cut the AC lines and get away quickly in just a few moments.

At $4000-$5000 to replace 3 ton AC unit that was stolen — this should get property owners and managers attention quickly.

This is a great deal of money. So how could developers, real estate agents and homeowners ensure their house will have an air conditioning system tommorrow?

We requested Steve Cassell from JSC Enterprises of Locust Grove to share some ideas. Steve has been doing air condioner repair in Locust Grove for a long time. He advises us, “Install a burglar alarm system in your house. Make sure it is monitored too. This is cheap insurance compared to repairing damage from vandalism.”

At last Steve shares, “Request your low-voltage contractor wire a couple of contacts on your exterior air unit. This way when the thieves cut the copper lines and wires a siren will be set off and the police will be called. This might be enough for the criminal to flee and give up the idea of stealing your cooling unit.”

He continues, “We likewise think this is a good idea for homeowners that go on extended vacations. Especially, if you want your home to be nice and cool when you return!”

Finally, Steve tells us, “Outside lighting is vital. So introduce lighting up your homes exterior, including where your forced air condensor unit is found. Property owners may likewise consider putting in motion lights that turn on when a intruder comes surprisingly close to the house.”

JSC Enterprises has been doing AC repair in Locust Grove, McDonough and Stockbridge for more than 20 years. They are adhering to strict Covid safe protocols. Do you have any questions about regarding your HVAC system? Reach out to connect with them using the info below.

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