SONGZ Indonesia’s fight against COVID-19 in 2020

March 06 01:46 2021

At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 broke out in an all-round way, kicking off the worldwide fight against the epidemic.

SONGZ Indonesia, as the overseas factory of SONGZ shares, has been actively fighting COVID-19! The SONGZ people did not back down, they were united and used their own actions to fight the epidemic. “There is no such thing as quiet and good time; it’s just that someone will carry the weight for you!”

In February, at the most tense moment of COVID-19 in China, all colleagues in SONGZ Indonesia were very concerned about the development of the epidemic in China! SONGZ Indonesia, as an overseas base, under the arrangement of the general manager Mr. Zushun Xie, explores various channels to collect mask resources and concentrates on solving the problem. There are many difficulties in border logistics. The masks sent from Indonesia to China have fulfilled their responsibilities for the epidemic prevention and resumption of production of SONGZ Liuzhou and the joint-stock company!


SONGZ Indonesia mobilizes to fight COVID-19

In April, SONGZ Indonesia cooperated with SGMW to resume work and production when the local epidemic risk was high; the company strictly followed SONGZ’s epidemic prevention and control work guidance and the Indonesian local government’s epidemic prevention requirements, and carried out new crown virus intrusive, How to prevent and other knowledge promotion and training. At the same time, we strictly implement epidemic prevention measures to ensure that production and epidemic prevention and control are correct.


SONGZ Indonesia’s daily epidemic prevention work

In September, the domestic COVID-19 was basically eliminated, and Indonesia relaxed entry restrictions on China; Yu Liang, the operating director of SONGZ Indonesian, and Chengqi Quan, the assistant minister of manufacturing, who were on standby in China, took the initiative to apply to the company to go to Indonesia. After untold hardships, they organized epidemic prevention and control and resumed production after arriving in Indonesia, always paying attention to local epidemic development, and stabilizing the panic of employees.


Operations Director Yu Liang (left) and Minister Chengqi Quan (right) prepare for boarding


Epidemic prevention and control training presentations and customer site project follow-up


Resumption of work, resumption of production and Kanban management training

Affected by COVID-19, SONGZ Indonesia’s operating situation in 2020 is not ideal. There is a large gap between sales completion and budget, and operating pressure is great. Under the arrangement and guidance of Mr. Xie and Finance Minister Jiuqing Zhang, the Director of Operations Yu Liang and the tax agent went to the local tax bureau in Indonesia to defend the company’s PPH22 tax rebate application for corporate import income tax in previous years. In December, the tax rebate was received 1,156,037,095 IDR (Equivalent to more than 530,000 Yuan), in difficult times to obtain a working capital for the company.


SONGZ Indonesia Import Income Tax Rebate

In the second half of the year, Indonesia’s COVID-19 situation became more and more serious. SONGZ Indonesia further improved the level of epidemic prevention. The company commissioned professional medical personnel to perform nucleic acid PCR tests on all employees on a regular basis to reduce the risk of cluster infection and prevent viral infections from causing human losses to the company.


All employees of the company do nucleic acid testing

All functional groups in SONGZ Indonesia, take company development as their immediate interests, stick to their posts, strictly control the participation of personnel in gathering activities, ensure that there are no safety incidents throughout the year, 100% client delivery, no major customer complaints, and establishment with customers Establish a good cooperative relationship.

In December, SONGZ Indonesia held an annual work summary meeting. On behalf of SONGZ Indonesia, Yu Liang reviewed the operation status of 2020 to everyone, expressed full affirmation and recognition of the work of each management staff in the past year, and encouraged everyone in the next year To build up enough confidence; in order to thank the colleagues who still stick to their posts during the epidemic and maintain the development of SONGZ Indonesia, we give all employees condolences at the summary meeting and cheer for everyone Cheer up and encourage everyone to continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work in the coming year.


Director Liang made a work report at the summary meeting


The company sends condolences to colleagues who stick to their posts

As of December 31, the total number of confirmed cases in Indonesia has exceeded 740,000, and the number of newly confirmed cases continues to break records.

In 2021, SONGZ Indonesia’s fight against COVID-19 will continue!

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